Since publishing my last post (16 Must-Listen Business Podcasts), I have received a handful of emails and messages asking how to keep up: so many shows, so many episodes, so many amazing topics to explore. Today, let’s chat about ways to keep from getting overwhelmed. My playlist currently sits at 28 podcast subscriptions, which is admittedly too much; however, even two shows can be a lot to keep up with sometimes. How do you keep your head above water and stay afloat? It’s all about the right shows at the right time, taking control of your experience, and sometimes letting go.

Matt Hollowell

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Matt is a lifelong student of design, marketing, publishing, and content creation. His passion sits at the intersection of content and design; in fact, you can often find him there with a cup of coffee in one hand and a notepad in the other. As SME's Creative Director, he supports both the brand and clients, which helps to satisfy his lifelong love of never knowing what's coming next. When not at his desk, you'll find Matt serenading his two amazing daughters, reading gritty British poetry, or obsessively listening to podcasts. Send him your podcast reccs here: @mhollowell.

Content is King: How to Land a Royal Flush with your Content Strategy

by · May 18, 2015

Can you hear that? That’s the buzz of the Internet swarming around content marketing. The field is increasing so quickly that Google search results for ‘content marketing’ outnumber those of ‘Barack Obama’ by more than a third. Given its track record for business success, more and more companies are boosting their online content efforts hoping they’ll win big. However not all content is created equal. You can’t expect to win on the big pots with low pairs or an ace-high alone. Content curation is an art of its own and only the right amount of training—paired with real life experience—will increase your chances for a big win.


16 Must-Listen Business Podcasts to Turn Your Morning Commute Into Your New Classroom

by · May 11, 2015

Those of you who follow this blog will know that I *love* podcasts. It is hard to find me without a pair of earbuds attached. A couple of years ago, we published a list of podcasts that we believe are worth your listen each week. That list, found here, was spot-on for its time, and it is still quite relevant. But so very much has changed over the past two years that we think it’s time for an updated/additional list.

Below, you’ll find shows specific to marketing, leadership, and business, and other shows dedicated to smaller pieces of those larger topics (i.e., design, social, etc.). This list is far from comprehensive, considering how many great podcasts are published each week, so make sure to post your favorites and recommendations in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: These shows are not listed in any particular order. I’m not interested in ranking, so I literally just rolled the dice; it seemed the most fair way to handle the list. Also, none of these shows are clients, this post is not sponsored, and no shenanigans have occurred, meaning I truly listen to each one of these and personally endorse them all.

Now…dive in:


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This Post Is For You

by · April 30, 2015

Spoiler: This post is right up your alley. How do I know? Let’s just say I have done my research.

As marketers, we often think we understand our target audience. We think we know what kind of content they want, and we also think we know what topics they find interesting. No one creates content assuming it’s off the mark; instead, we assume that our effort is worth something (interest, buzz, value, connection, etc.).

Turns out, we assume a lot, primarily that we’re hitting the mark. And maybe our assumptions are correct…but wouldn’t it be great if we could prove it? We can. Here’s how.


I Believe Our Interns Are Our Future

by · April 23, 2015

I openly refer to myself as the Chief Executive Master Overlord (CEMO) of the internship program here at SME Digital. Admittedly, that might be an overstatement, but the fact remains that we have successfully nurtured our two interns over the past few months into full-time positions. And that isn’t a happy mistake; it’s the completion of a happy plan.

We promote our internship program as “not your typical internship” and we mean that. No coffee runs, no copier duty, no disrespect, no boring stuff. As a small yet powerful team, the success of our interns is absolutely tied to our own successes. Recognizing that is step one to running a prominent, fruitful program, but getting there takes planning and forethought. I’ll share with you some of our strategies and learnings, and I would love to hear yours (the comment section is yours).


7 Things Your Community Manager Needs Right Now

by · April 21, 2015

One of our clients onboarded a new community manager for the re-launch of social for their brand this month. As their partner, we had the honor to onboard this person and build a great manual to get them started. As we built the manual and shared it with the new community manager, we realize that so many people would benefit from the contents of this manual. When starting a new job, it’s hard to know what’s expected of you in your new role. It can be overwhelming.

It was exciting to see that this company cared so much about the incoming talent that they had us create and train them on this document. There were seven sections to the document and each section had a ton of detail, but the idea was to create this so that it could continually live and grow over time as the community and the role changed. So, what were the seven most important things that the community manager needed to know? Well, here goes:


To High Performers Everywhere

by · April 14, 2015

Earlier this year, I wrote a post called the Curse of High Performers. It is one of my favorite posts. People who are rockstars in any organization should get investment because they are making magic for their clients, bosses, and teammates. But, we all know it doesn’t work like that. So, for the people who identify with that post, who are feeling like they are high performers and are expected to do magic for less, this little infographic is for you…Enjoy! 


Fix Your Broken-Record Content Strategy

by · April 7, 2015

Man, working on content and curating smartly can get so stale. It seems like you see and share the same things over and over again. And then there’s all the blogging to be done. Sometimes, I feel like a broken record about measurement and listening and customer relationships. But, it is all worth it because we get to have a conversation about these subjects, which are really some of my favorite. But, it still gets stale. So, recently, I have found myself really re-evaluating my content strategy and I’ve found four ways that helped me really light a fire under my blogging and curation. And guess what, they came back to measuring and listening – oh the irony!


A Parting Gift: 17 Truths For Business And Life

by · April 3, 2015

In an unorthodox move, I (blog editor) am taking a moment to preface Danielle’s post. Today is the last day that she will be haunting the virtual halls here at SME Digital. Though we are selfishly sad to see her go, we are thrilled to watch her continue to grow and spread her wings. She has made a lasting impact on our team, our clients, and our culture. To sum it up, she’s amazing and a total, total rock star. We are honored that she has grown with us and that we now get to share her with the rest of you. Danielle, I will always consider you a dear, dear friend, and I cannot wait to watch you fly.

As I move on from my role at SME Digital, I look back fondly on two great years of professional and personal growth and development. To keep this short and sweet, here are my parting 17 truths that I have learned during my time here:

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