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Read articles about social media marketing
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Ask questions of Social Media Explorer’s experts to help my digital marketing efforts
Find a conference to attend to get smarter about social media and digital marketing
Find a speaker or training for my event or company
Find a strategic consultant to work with my company
Find an industry analyst to consult with my social business solution tool or platform
Promote my product, company or event

I’m here to read articles about social media marketing …

Great! Social Media Explorer is one of the industry’s leading online resources for thought leadership, insights, analysis and news in the social media and social business realms. Our stable of writers includes a cross-section of business owners, consultants, designers, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to help you understand not just the tools and tactics of digital marketing, but the deeper communications and marketing strategies that help drive success through them.

And to get you acclimated to our perspective on social media marketing here are our 10 must-read posts:

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Our coverage focuses on seven primary categories. Click the one that you’d like to know more about to see the archives of posts in that category or use the search box below to enter a topic and search SME’s archives.

We strongly encourage you to ask questions and share your reactions to the posts in the comments section on each page. The authors and other readers often carry on insightful conversations and share great wisdom around the topics in those comments. Join in and learn from our community of readers.

I’m here to discover deeper insights about how social media helps my industry …

Awesome! Our social media industry reports are just what you’re looking for. Instead of spitting out best practices and offering a case study or two and calling it a “report,” Social Media Explorer dives deep into the online conversation about your industry to discover not just insights, but what’s actually being said by real consumers talking to one another. Our analysis of online conversations goes beyond finding keywords, too. We use the process of Netnography to extract emotional connections, buyer intent and even brand preference. We discover and rate brands and influencers and offer analysis of what your industry is doing in the social media space, who’s doing it and how well.

And all that information is licensed to you to use with your clients or internally with your marketing team!

Our industry reports are published monthly. The focus industry varies. To see a list of reports available, visit our Industry Reports Library. Don’t see your industry? Drop us a note and tell us more about it and what insights you’d like to learn. We’ll add your world to our list of verticals to research.

I’m here to ask questions of Social Media Explorer’s experts to help my digital marketing efforts …

Outstanding! Our learning community at Exploring Social Media is built just for you! The site is a combination learning community and question-answer site that offers unprecedented access to digital marketing practitioners and consultants without having to pay hefty consulting fees. For a low subscription rate of $25 per month, you have access to our experts, plus several of our partners and friends in the digital space who have joined to provide expertise to our community.

Once inside, you simply click “Ask” at the top or bottom of any page and ask your question. Every member of the community sees the question and has the option to answer, but we guarantee that Jason Falls or a member of our founding team of experts (Tamar Weinberg, Nick Huhn or DJ Waldow) will answer your question!

It’s sort of an on-call consultancy for a very low price.

ESM also features robust content you can browse in do-it-yourself learning fashion. With video talks, screencasts and more, Jason Falls and team take you through everything from the “just getting started and need help setting up” lessons to advanced communications strategy and everything in between.

Some of our more popular lessons include:

Jump over to Exploring Social Media and join now! Your questions need answers. We’ve got them.

I’m here to find a conference to attend to get smarter about social media and digital marketing …

Super! Our Exploring Social Media Business Summits are perhaps the most intensive learning opportunities for digital and social media marketing goodness out there. And we bring them to cities around the U.S. regularly. Featuring talks and presentations from the leading thinkers in the digital marketing space, ESM Business Summits offer a more intimate setting for learning and connection with us and our friends and partners from the industry.

And they’re not just lectures on using Facebook. From first-ever presentations of industry research by leading analysts to hands-on activities using the latest mobile technology, marketing and communications professionals and business owners leave smarter than they came and raving about the content.

The latest schedule for ESM Business Summits is below. Click on the city of your choice to learn more about the event or book your seat!

I’m here to find a speaker or training for my event or company …

Fantastic! Jason Falls and Aaron Marshall are known for delivering great value in their public speaking opportunities and few people in the industry have as much time and track record of helping businesses and business people understand the social web and the tools that drive it. From conference keynotes to bring-your-laptop bootcamps, Jason and Aaron cater messages and activities to each audience, ensuring optimal satisfaction and actionable takeaways.

Jason maintains an active speaking schedule in support of his books, Exploring Social Media and as part of our own Exploring Social Media Business Summits.

(Need a revised one, probably.)

To book Jason for your event, please allow 4-6 months lead time. To inquire about his speaking fees and arrangements, drop us a line here.

Aaron, Jason and select partners and friends are available to conduct training and workshops for your company, either in person or virtually.

To discuss and schedule a training session or webinar, reach out to us here.

I’m here to find a consultant to work with my company …

Yes! Social Media Explorer maintains direct relationships with outstanding social media marketing consultants to ensure we can refer you to one that fits your company size, industry or discipline and budget. Our SME Referral Network members are vetted thoroughly to ensure Social Media Explorer would be proud to put our stamp on their work. In many cases, we also consult directly with our referral partners on your projects, too. So you get the best of both worlds: a dedicated consultant or agency to drive your digital marketing needs, but the world-class intelligence and experience Social Media Explorer brings to the table.

In order to refer you, Social Media Explorer conducts a complimentary discovery phone call of not more than 30 minutes to learn more about your specific needs and challenges. To schedule a call, fill out our consulting needs request form and a member of our team will respond shortly

I’m here to find an industry analyst to consult with my social business solution tool or platform …

Superb! As an industry analyst, Jason Falls has helped several startup companies and technology solutions in the social business solution vendor space refine their product, gain insight into their industry positioning and competitive strengths and weaknesses, learn more about what their customers want and need and more. Social business solution vendors, which often includes social media tool or platform providers, have also benefited from involvement with Social Media Explorer through co-branded webinars, reports, guest blog posts and other promotional opportunities.

To learn more about our industry consultative services for social business solution providers, download our Social Business Analyst Fact Sheet.

I’m here to promote my product, company or event …

Excellent. Social Media Explorer’s advertising and promotional opportunities help you reach a savvy audience of marketing and communications professionals, small and medium business owners, entrepreneurs and social business industry solution providers. Advertising on Social Media Explorer is self-serve and can be facilitated through our easy-to-use system powered by iSocket.

Interested companies may also wish to partner with Social Media Explorer to sponsor our Exploring Social Media Business Summits. These opportunities put your company on stage in front of our audiences at the Summits, sharing your knowledge and expertise, positioning you as an industry thought leader and generating leads for your company from our audiences. For more details, download our ESM Business Summit Fact Sheet and rate card,

About Social Media Explorer

It all started as a blog. In 2009 it became a consultancy. In 2011, a company. Jason Falls started the blog Social Media Explorer in September of 2007 while “exploring social media” for Doe-Anderson, a Louisville-based advertising agency. When he left to pursue life as a social media strategist and consultant, the blog became the name of his consultancy. In September of 2011, Social Media Explorer aquired TechSMO, the consultancy of Aaron Marshall, and SME’s life as a company was born.

We are focused on making social media and digital marketing more accessible to people and businesses everywhere. We pursue that through informational and educational products to improve the digital and social media literacy of the workforce. From self-guided learning through our blogs and deep content on Exploring Social Media, consultant-like access to experts through ESM, enriching learning at our live events or deep marketplace understanding offered through our market research reports, Social Media Explorer delivers insights, information and education at unheard of prices.

Jason Falls serves as the CEO of SME. He refers to his role as the, “person responsible.” Aaron Marshall is Chief Product Officer. Both are active speakers, trainers and analysts for the social media and digital marketing industries.

Learn more about Jason