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8 Takeaways From Portland Explore

by · November 20, 2012

Learning curves as steep as a wall. The impact of technology, especially the social tools, are changing the landscape of our lives, communities and commerce.  There is no doubt that the digital era is significantly shifting the marketplace across multiple functions forcing change to happen before success and sustainability can be experienced for any profession. As digital marketers who have an early adoption mindset to new technologies, we are not only faced with our own learning curve, but we are tasked to help usher others to climb.


Today’s Social Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

by · November 2, 2012

There is a lot of buzz about social business. Experts are creating models, defining solutions, developing processes and new methodologies like it is a new problem to be solved. Is it a new way to approach an old problem?

Michael Brito, SVP, Social Business at Edelman Digital presented on this topic, Beyond a Buzzword, at Explore in Orange County. He agrees that today’s society is constantly flooded with content. As ordinary people can embrace this new world of communication with no boundaries anyone can grow their own influence to impact businesses and governments. The “multi-screen economy” we currently live in is creating an attention deficit disorder to the digital marketer profession. We need to roll up our sleeves and get serious.


4 Rules for Today’s Social Business Journey

by · October 22, 2012

What is the meaning of life? That is a loaded question. It’s like asking, “What is social business?” Ask 20 people the same question, you will get 200 different answers. Like life, social business is a journey.

Day by day, we venture forward. We look for ways to be happier. Search for the tools that will make our tasks easier.  Learn from the experience of our own and from leaders who we respect. Leaders who are inventive, who have implemented processes, developed practices and travelled afar to tell us about their stories.


Our Love Affair with Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

by · October 12, 2012

Is mobile more important than social? Tim Hayden, Senior VP Mobile Strategist at Edelman says it is. As we examine today’s fast adoption to mobile and how user behaviors are inviting opportunity for mobile marketing in big ways, we cannot help but be fascinated, borderline-obsessive with today’s new world of mobile.

Big Love

Just what has made this technology woo us into a love affair that we can’t take our eyes off of? From our human need to connect and learn to the virtual and visual attributes this convenient piece of master machinery provides, there is more than one reason we all are compulsively touching and embracing it.


Content Marketing Basics [INFOGRAPHIC]

by · September 18, 2012

With 90% of B2B marketers using content marketing to grow their business today, it would be helpful to examine the variety of content types and understand the best approach for you and your business. Jolina Pettice from TopRank Online Marketing presented some clarity on best practices for today’s B2B marketing and optimization tips for content during Explore in Minneapolis.

This glance and go infographic captures some of the takeaways including the marketing basics of content marketing as part of the Tips-n-Trends Explored where the mind-blowing subject matter presented by some of today’s social media marketing experts shared from the SME’s events are parsed down and passed around.


Stop Selling. Start Helping.

by · September 14, 2012

Need help selling? Content marketing maven and SME bud Jay Baer personifies the solution to a key problem today’s digital marketers face. During his keynote presentation at Explore in Minneapolis, Baer addressed the challenge of today’s digital media world that overflows with terabytes of messages streaming through multiple screens on various technology platforms. How can today’s brands gain a competitive advantage with the millions of messages scrolling, streaming and blasting to the marketplace?

Baer helps marketers with a methodology he sees as the answer. He calls this future of marketing:  YOUlitity. What is YOUtility Marketing and how can it help you market and sell your brand? Here is a glance-and-go infographic that explores Jay’s YOUtility approach and offers tips on how you too can start utility marketing to build loyalty with your brand.


Social Strategy Roadmap Infographic

by · September 3, 2012

Are you being called to drive the social strategy in your organization? You may be fueled up and ready to put the pedal to the metal, but that doesn’t mean your employer is ready to ride shot gun. Today’s road blocks may be keeping you from reaching success.

Tips-n-Trends Explored: a series of digital marketing takeaways from Explore, SME's five-star, five-city social media conference.

Nick Westergaard from Brand Driven understands the digital change agent’s challenges. He classifies them as Time, Talent and Terror and they are the internal obstacles to social media success.


Exploring Today’s Karaoke of Marketing

by · August 19, 2012

Explore hit Minneapolis this week for two days. In thirty-six hours, 250 people listened to the two-day event and heard ideas, tips, trends, best practices and rants covering today’s world of marketing.

As Explore founder Jason Falls welcomed the crowd representing professionals leading digital marketing efforts for SMBs and big corporate brands he challenged the speakers to go big with ideas. He warned the audience members that the two-day exploration would be “fast and furious” with some sessions lasting only 20 minutes. And then, the first keynote, Jay Baer took the stage.


Explore Minneapolis Day One: Nothing Mini About Today’s Explorers

by · August 17, 2012

Over 250 professionals have ventured to Minneapolis for this week’s most trending event in social media and digital marketing. Minneapolis, home to many of the country’s iconic brands including 3M, Target, General Mills, Ameriprise Financial and St. Jude Medical – to name only a few, is also home to Explore for two days.

As part of SME’s five city national tour, Jason Falls and his A-list of speakers are presenting the facts, trends, tips and ideas to benefit the individuals who are tasked to succeed and grow businesses.


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