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Content Marketing: Will You Be Writing Big Checks or Cashing Them?

by · May 31, 2013

That “content is king” mantra you’re reading nearly every time you click on an article about marketing has made you royally curious, right? The dethroning of conventional marketing strategies, which has largely called for renting (excruciatingly expensive) time and space in paid media, gives new hope to any size company willing to charge forth in the new world of digital.

The word is brainpower trumps spending power now. Is it true?

It can be.


(How to) Write a Headline and Become a Media Star

by · May 9, 2013

This ain’t Back to the Future. It’s Top Gun. We’re going time traveling—backwards. You with me? Here we go…

Is that Whitney Houston on the radio? Great song. Crank it. Oh, and did you hear? Mike Tyson’s the youngest heavyweight champ ever and the USSR doesn’t want to fight.

Aviator glasses? Right on. You don’t look quite as slick as “Maverick”  (Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”), but those screaming neon-colored parachute pants and your big hair are just perfect.


Social Media Managers: What’s With All the Whining?

by · April 18, 2013

I’m not a social media manager. So I offer my apologies in advance. In just a minute, you’re going to be thinking I could be quite a bit more sensitive. My wife probably wouldn’t disagree with you.

But hey, I’m sensitive about some things. I’ll unapologetically tell you that romantic comedy is my favorite movie genre. I would never balk at quiche (I might want some pepper sauce though) and I think George Michael is (was) great. These things count for something, no?

Now that you understand my softer side, I want you to hear me on this…


Social Media is as Worthless as the Telephone

by · March 15, 2013

Welcome one and all to the world premiere of the Theater of the Absurd, the soon-to-be-infamous TOTA. Please take your seats.

We’re very excited to bring you our first program, “Social Media is as Worthless as the Telephone.” We had the privilege (the playwright asked us to say that) to discuss the inspiration for this script with Barry, who is known not for his contributions to modern theater, but for writing marketing communications, websites,  blog posts, and various forms of online content. Whether it was passion, frustration or simply one too many espressos, Mr. Feldman was extremely animated when he explained the genesis of his one-act play came from having read close to 1,000,000 articles about C-level executives’ disregard for social media.


Murder, Execution and Other Strategic Plans for Ambitious CMO’s

by · February 6, 2013

Chief Marketing Officers can’t rub out CEOs. It’s not fair because the CEO can surely deep-six the CMO. And if you’re a marketing exec intending to remain employed, you probably shouldn’t go on the record saying you don’t trust the CEO. However, CEOs can mistrust CMOs all they like. And they do.

In fact, according to a recent report by Fournaise Marketing Group, 70% of the 1,200 CEOs interviewed in their study don’t trust marketers’ abilities to deliver growth. A majority state marketing professionals are unable to prove ROI on campaigns. Ouch.

A little more fuel for the fire.

The report also says:


Only Birdbrains Bet $4,000,000 on the Super Bowl

by · January 27, 2013

It’s the Super Bowl—at the Superdome.

Super bros John and Jim Harbaugh lead their teams into the battle by the bayou. Everything’s supersized: the anticipation, the audience, the ticket prices, the parties, the halftime show, and the media coverage.

Of course, the enormity of the game dwarfs any other one-day clash in all of sports. And then there’s that other super showdown, the mega-million dollar mêlée where the titans of television advertising dig deep into their imaginations and deeper still into their piggy banks to vie for, uh… um…

Sales? Brand awareness? Laughs? Press?


Your Content Needs to Shake It Up, Baby

by · January 9, 2013

No doubt you’ve seen those folks on street corners waving around signs and giant arrows attempting to entice you to patronize a nearby store. I have to believe they earn minimum wage. The job doesn’t demand a lot of skill. These human ads often have some shtick. Costumes are common. Maybe they wear a sandwich board or have a prop of some sort. It’s dreadfully dull stuff.


Content Marketing: The Beautiful Buzz and the Hellacious Hangover

by · December 28, 2012

Traditional advertising diehards practically invented the two-martini lunch, but the old saps have been shunned from today’s meaningful marketing shindigs. To get their kicks, they mostly go to bonfire parties and burn their clients’ money.

Meanwhile, us new media maniacs are partying hard on content marketing.

The cork’s been yanked. Everyone’s tipping a glass.

And what a buzz. This gloriously intoxicating content marketing cocktail, this newly discovered recipe—two parts education, one part search, one part social—with an optional splash of advertising.


All Positive All the Time is Positively Boring

by · December 12, 2012


Disclaimer #1: I love The Beatles. I’ve worn out every album.
Disclaimer #2: I love the Stones too. I’ve worn out the first 75 albums or so.

If you sent me to a desert island with only one of these bands’ platters, I’d pack The Beatles discography (and my luggage fees would surely be lower).

Love is all you need

The Beatles: Good Day Sunshine… Sun King… Here Comes the Sun… “Take a sad song and make it better.” Peace. Love. The Beatles may have alluded to darker themes every now and then, but you have to admit they had a fairly sunny disposition.


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