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Social Media Marketing: Go Beyond Facebook & Twitter!

by · December 24, 2013

T’was the night before Christmas and what’s dancing in your head — visions of sugar plums or your latest social media metrics?

If you’re feeling like your brand got a little lost in social during the holiday crush, don’t despair – you have options. Perhaps it’s the perfect time to think about trying something new.

Everyone knows about Facebook and Twitter.  Oh yeah, and there’s Google+ too.  And Tumblr.  And we can’t forget about Pinterest. But that pretty much sums up the social media landscape — that’s all there is, right?

Sadly, many marketers seem to think so.


No Budget Social Media

by · November 20, 2013

Client: “I sell heavy machinery in Nampa, Idaho. Why do I only have 15 Facebook likes?”

Consultant: “Well, what’s your social media budget?”

Client: “I don’t have one.”

Consultant: “Hmmm… How big is your social media team?”

Client: “It’s just me.”

Consultant: “That’s why you only have 15 likes.”

Part of me would like to tell people like this to just give it up already. But the reality is that many individuals are facing the same problem: they are responsible for social media, but they have no resources for it. Yet these one-person, no-budget, “social media teams” keep at it.


The Scary Side of Social Media

by · October 31, 2013

Shallow. Transparent.  Contrived.  No, I’m not talking about the latest pop-star train wreck.  I’m talking about the scary side of social media, where popularity rules!  It can be downright frightening at times.

Like it or not, social media is about popularity contests — that which is popular is shared, and consequently, discovered.

Because of that, many brands approach the channel as a mere numbers game. Rather than focusing on content that will deliver the best user experience, they push material that will generate the biggest engagement numbers. This thinking makes me want to scream at times!


The Biggest Missed Opportunity in Social Media

by · August 16, 2013

When’s the last time someone from your IT department participated in a Twitter chat on industry developments while at work? Or has anyone from your accounts payable team liked your brand’s Facebook page? Or when was the last time someone from your sales team answered a question on Quora?

Unfortunately, none of these scenarios are happening very often at most organizations. And it represents a huge missed opportunity in social media.

Understanding the problem

Businesses everywhere are making the same social media mistake: they are failing to leverage their employee base to amplify their social media efforts.


Social Media: Why it’s a Big Fat Waste of Time and Money!

by · July 10, 2013

Kate chuckled as she repeated the reporter’s question: “Do we have a social media strategy? Of course we do! To get as many Facebook likes as humanly possible!”

Social media has been the next big thing for several years. And now brands just like Kate’s are increasingly throwing lots and lots of money at it. And why not? It’s become quite popular.

Unfortunately though, most of their investment is going down the drain. Why? Because many brands treat social media like a shiny new toy:  it’s different, fun to play with, and most importantly, everyone else has one.


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