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The Secret Sauce Of A Great Blog Post

by · January 17, 2013

People are wired to connect.  Neuroscientists have discovered that there is a part of our brains in the prefrontal cortex that helps us tune into other people, making the connections that are necessary to create relationships that help us survive.

How does this little bit of neuroscience have anything to do with blogging?  Because the most successful blog posts are those where the writer has tuned into something that the reader is experiencing.  This affects that part of the brain, generating an emotional connection with the reader.


The Most Important Marketing Tool You Probably Aren’t Using

by · December 20, 2012

Before social media taught us we had to sound human, we could talk to everyone in the same generic business-speak to everyone. Now, people have come to expect businesses to speak to them in a more personal way and to be more relevant.  Personas allow you to do that.

Personas will determine the content, tone and language that you use when communicating. To better understand how important this is, imagine yourself at a family holiday party.  You would not discuss the same topics or use the same kind of language with your grandmother who loves to garden, your college-age nephew who is fascinated with politics, or your sister, who’s an executive at a software company.


Want Your Digital Marketing To Win? Choose Your Words Carefully.

by · November 28, 2012

The simplest and  most important thing to know in being a good digital communicator is this:  Talk to people as if you are both human beings.

You wouldn’t think people need lessons in acting human.  But many of us assume a business façade at work. We put on our work attire, go to an office, sit in meetings and write memos or emails to customers, forgetting that we are human beings talking to other human beings.  We speak a language filled with buzzwords, clichés and acronyms that we would never use with friends.  Imagine inviting your guests to the dinner table with a statement like “please be advised that dinner is served.”


Becoming A Social Business Isn’t Just For Social Media

by · October 26, 2012

Social media has evolved so quickly and engaged so many people — a billion of us on Facebook — that it has actually changed the nature of our culture.  It has changed our expectations about how quickly we will receive responses from people. It has also changed our expectations of shared knowledge within our personal and professional “tribes.”

We have come to expect the same kind of communication in all areas of our lives that we have on Facebook. The new openness has most significantly affected the way businesses need to operate.


Leadership As A Social Media Strategy

by · September 20, 2012

“The idea in Seth Godin’s book, Tribes, is that each one of us can be a very special leader, giving something unique to the world.”

This was a tweet I stumbled on last week. I was taken by it because it was a great summary of Godin’s book in 140 characters.  It also struck me that providing leadership content is a highly effective social media strategy.


Where To Draw The Line With A Social Media Agency

by · August 30, 2012

An agent is an entity that acts on your behalf.  When you are hiring a social media agency, you are hiring someone to provide any of a range of services for you that you either don’t have the time or the ability to handle.  In other business matters, you may hire a lawyer or an accountant to handle matters you are not capable of dealing with.  No one can be an expert in everything.

But in our interpersonal relationships we rarely hire agents.  You can’t very well hire someone to discipline your child or date for you or grow your social circle.  Well, in some cases you can, I suppose, but long-term your not being in the relationship becomes an issue.


Life Is Messy. Work Is Messy. Share It All.

by · August 8, 2012

Last week, our company, Lion Brand Yarn Company, hosted a number of craft bloggers who were in town to attend the BlogHer conference. It was quite an impressive group of women. Juggling family and entrepreneurial ventures while staying fit and doing charitable work — I get tired just thinking about their lives!

But great accomplishment comes by a path that is has rough patches and is at times chaotic and unpredictable.

Courtesy Carrie Lundell. This Mama Makes Stuff.


How To Turn Facebook Into Your Single-Most Effective Marketing Tool

by · July 18, 2012

The most common marketing mistake is focusing on the product and not the customer. Messages about the product and its benefits without reference to the person who will use it constitute announcements, not marketing.

In order to speak to customers so that you will be heard, you need to make sure that they feel that they are being heard.  And the only way to make the kind of impression on a customer that makes her choose your product over the myriad of options is to speak to her emotions.  This requires having a deep understanding of your customers.


How To Avoid The Illusion of Social Media Engagement

by · June 27, 2012

I recently attended a conference, where Claire Diaz Ortiz, who heads social innovation at Twitter, spoke about influence.  She said something surprising.  She said that two of the most engaged “brands” on Twitter had far fewer followers than the celebrities or giant brands with many millions of followers.  Those brands were both Christian Ministries:  Joel Osteen and Rick Warren.  Today, with about 725,000 followers, a Joel Osteen tweet gets far more retweets than one from Lady Gaga, who has 26 million followers.  The reason, Ortiz said, is shared values.


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Ilana Rabinowitz

Ilana Rabinowitz is the vice-president for marketing for Lion Brand Yarn and blogs about social media at Marketing Without A Net. Rabinowitz approaches marketing with an uncompromising focus on the customer and a grounding in psychology and neuroscience to understand what motivates people to make buying decisions.  She believes that businesses need to develop their own media as a means of creating a branded experience for customers.  She has spoken at digital marketing conferences including Web 2.0, Blogher Business and Internet Retailer. She is the author of a book about psychology, a book about mindfulness and co-author of a book about the culture of knitting. Follow her on Twitter at @ilana221.

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