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An Apology To Brands On Behalf Of Social Media Experts Everywhere

by · April 14, 2014

They don’t all know it yet, but social media experts, promoters, advocates and douchebags everywhere owe brands an apology. Granted, we were well intended when this whole thing started. We thought we were doing you right. In many cases we were. But as time went on and the industry matured, some of us saw the *slight* error of our ways.

It seems that brands have been mistaken about how human they can be. They’ve been convinced, by us, that they too can earn a never-ending stream of comments and likes and re-tweets and shares and thumbs up and so on. They too can just sit and write a little Tweet or Facebook post or blog entry and, for absolutely no more money or effort have hundreds or thousands of people see, read, react, respond and refer.


10 Books To Inform & Inspire Your Spring

by · April 7, 2014

Normally when I review books it’s because a stack of five or so has accumulated on my desk and I need to move them. If I don’t stop, read and review, I’ll move them to a shelf and never look at them again. After a year or so, I’ll take them to Goodwill or Half Price Books and be done with them.


The New Buzzword That Is 100 Percent Bullshit

by · March 31, 2014

If I never hear the phrase “social selling” again, it will be too soon. It seems now that the hippies have come around to understanding they can’t sell social media to the C-Suite based on joining the conversation and singing “Kumbaya” alone, they’ve gone out and invented a hip new catch phrase to cover their butts.

As terms or catch phrases go, “social selling” is almost as much nonsense as “collaborative economy,” though my thoughts on that one will have to wait for a longer, more detailed explanation, one I’m sure will get Jeremiah Owyang’s panties in a wad since he’s one of about one person on the planet talking about it.


The Great Facebook Swindle And What To Do About It

by · March 24, 2014

As if we didn’t expect this would one day happen, Facebook is apparently about to blackmail brands even more so than they have to date, ratcheting down organic exposure of brand page content to 1-2% at best. Valleywag reported it last week based on an anonymous and internal source with Facebook marketing. It has since been reported by the likes of Time and others.

Ogilvy & Mather has even tested and found that organic brand page content on Facebook was exposed to about 12 percent of those that “Like” the brand in October. That number dropped to six percent by February. Facebook is basically eliminating the chance your brand’s content will be seen by your Facebook fans. Unless, of course, you pay to have it exposed.


Learn What You Cannot Do To Know What You Can

by · March 17, 2014

The first two years of my post-education profession life I was a radio broadcast producer. But I wasn’t just a radio broadcast producer, I was a network producer in New York City for ABC Radio Sports. While that may or may not sound impressive, when you take into account I was 23-years-old and just five years prior was a snot-nosed punk teenager in a 7,000-person town nestled in the mountains of Appalachia, it’s none-too-small a feat.


I’m Afraid For Public Relations. Here’s Why.

by · March 10, 2014

The tech success of fleeting entrepreneurs like Brian Acton and Jan Kourn has tainted the business world. The WhatsApp’s are the darlings of the entrepreneurial world. Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before them, these fleeting tech startups that are great at collecting users but awful at collecting revenues are covered ad nausem by Wired, Fast Company, Inc., and others. They have led many an entrepreneur to believe all they need to be a billionaire is a neat idea and a couple of decent engineers.


H&R Block Ridiculous? Yes, Again, And It’s Awesome!

by · March 4, 2014

It’s an understood reality that taxes are dreadful. I actually got an email from my accountant the other day that began with, “You’re going to have to pay a lot of money in taxes this year.” Welcome to just a snippet of my existence.

But when someone, or perhaps something, can make taxes, well tolerable, it gets my attention. That’s why two years ago I wrote a post about H&R Block’s unique “‘Stache Act” campaign developed with digital marketing and PR firm Elasticity, with whom I actually now work with in my capacity with CafePress. As I wrote then, the campaign was, “a milestone in content marketing. A big, successful corporation is breaking the mold of its own, traditional voice and showing a ton of personality.”


Rick Pitino Can Help End Prejudice By Admitting His Own

by · February 24, 2014

Ignorance has reared it’s ugly head in many ways the last few weeks. Everything from sexual orientation to social media has been the victim. Sochi hosted perhaps the most politically controversial games since Mexico City with Russia’s anti-gay policies inspiring President Obama to send a noticeably out-of-the-closet delegation to accompany the U.S. team.

Closer to home, professional locker rooms have become hot stoves for the LGBT discourse as Jason Collins broke the openly gay, active player barrier last night for the Brooklyn Nets and Michael Sam went through the NFL combine prepping to become the first openly gay professional football player. Thankfully, we’ve reached a point in this debate that most of the conversation has been supportive and inclusive, though the topic still stirs up reactions that are less than ideal to even downright mean.


Defining What You Are, And Are Not

by · February 17, 2014

The Achille’s Heel of agencies is they often don’t know how to say, “no.” Clients ask them if they can launch a website. Yes! Can they write a speech? Yes! Can they manage a text campaign? Yes! Can they wrap a tour bus? Yes!

The problem is that more often than not, the correct answer an agency should give is, “no.” While there’s nothing wrong with finding a suitable vendor or third party to help the client, most agencies fear appearing incapable of anything, so they say, “yes!” and figure out how later.


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