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Treasure Maps and Shovels

by · March 11, 2015

It’s throwback week here at Social Media Explorer. Here’s another treasure from 2014 that we think you’ll enjoy:

Treasure maps get all the glory. After all, without a treasure map, how else is the young adventurer  supposed to find where that chest of doubloons is buried.  X marks the spots, you know the drill. But what about the lowly shovel. Though never taking center stage in any story, the shovel is still a necessary part of the treasure gaining process. Without a shovel, how are you supposed to dig up the buried treasure? Without a shovel, a treasure map is essentially worthless.

Sure you know where the gold is buried, but without a shovel you have no way of getting to it.

Coincidentally, your content strategy is a lot like a treasure map. Obviously you aren’t going to find your content strategy stuffed inside an empty rum bottle; but like a treasure map, your content strategy does outline the steps you need to take to find true content success.

However, a content strategy will only take you so far. I’ve seen too many people create a content strategy and then assume that success is already theirs, “We’ve got our content strategy right here! The gold is ours!” A strategy is only part of the success equation, at some point you’re going to need to put down the map and start digging. 


3 Ways you’re Sabotaging the Sale

by · July 25, 2014

When it comes to closing the deal, you could be your own worst enemy. Not happy with your sales numbers? Is your site not converting at the rate you need? Don’t blame the leads (The leads aren’t weak, you’re weak!). Instead, the answer could be looking you in the eye every time you visit your company’s website. Un-optimized websites and difficult conversion processes are kryptonite to a high conversion rate and could be the very thing that is sabotaging your sales. Here are three of the most common areas of #salessabotage we see at SME Digital.


Seven Tips For Leading A Team That Works Remotely

by · June 27, 2014

Last week, our team member Danielle Terreri wrote a fantastic post full of tips for working remotely. Today I’d like to continue this topic with some tips on managing remotely. As the Director of Client Services for SME Digital, I head up our account management team. A team that is currently spread out across three states and two countries. The very definition of a remote team (I’m in Sayulita, Mexico for the month in case anyone’s curious). Here are some of the tips I abide by for leading this group of outstanding individuals.


10 Steps to Publishing a Social Media Post

by · June 13, 2014

How to publish a social media post in 10 steps. As told through GIFS.

1. You get an idea for a social media post.


Big Data Is Useless

by · May 30, 2014

Big data is useless.

I know what you’re thinking, “Blasphemy.”

The idea that big data is useless goes against everything we as marketers and business people have come to believe over the last couple of years. Data, whether big or small, is only useful when it’s being put to work. There is no inherent value to data. The value comes from the application of what the data says.


Five Signs Your Organization Is Crippled By A Culture Of Fear

by · May 16, 2014

Your company has a culture. This isn’t news.  Some cultures express themselves consciously, written on signs plastered to hallways or found on your website. Others subconsciously, hidden away in the minds and work processes of its employees; an unofficial, unspoken, culture that permeates an organization.

SME Digital (the agency arm of Social Media Explorer), prides itself on its “Work from Anywhere” culture. Our team is free to work from anywhere across the globe (provided they can find a strong internet connection and be available for client calls). I’m currently writing this post from a rental in Victoria, Canada, where I’ve been staying for the past couple weeks. Not going to lie, it’s a pretty wonderful experience and adds, for me, a unique level of value to the company. And that value-add is exactly why we have “Work from Anywhere” as part of our culture.


Bring On The Golden Age Of Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

by · May 2, 2014

There’s no denying that mobile technology has become a huge part of how we, civilization, communicates. Sure a well-timed homing pigeon works in a pinch, but it lacks the elegance of a plastic rectangle that can do everything from call my mom, to give me 3am recommendations to qualm my Thai food craving.

Gone are the days where marketers and agencies had to herald in the era of mobile, clamoring cowbells screaming, “Mobile is coming! Mobile is coming!”

Because guess what it’s here.


Manage Expectations or They’ll Manage You

by · April 18, 2014

What if I randomly handed you $1,000? Pretty sweet huh!

What if I told you, before I handed you that $1,000, that I was about to hand you a random amount of money anywhere between $1,000 and $100,000,000?

That $1,000 doesn’t feel as sweet anymore.

Now, what if I told you I was going to hand you a random amount of money between $1 and $100 and then surprised you with $1,000 in your hand.

Feels amazing, right?


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