Conversation Report

What Consumers Are Saying About Banking

For the first time, bank marketers can see what actual consumers are saying about banks and bank products.

Bring these to your marketing plan:

  • Never-before reported insights into the top-25 banks
  • What customers are saying about brands & key topics
  • Social Media metrics comparisons of top banking brands
  • SME’s exclusive recommendations for bank marketing

Traditional market research tells you what your fellow bank marketers are thinking or doing. The Conversation focuses on bank customers and offers first-ever, unfiltered insights into what the public is saying about the top bank brands, community banks, credit unions and the products and services they offer.

Know what customers are
saying to better inform
your marketing decisions!

What Consumers Are Saying About Banking

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Agencies receive license to use with internal and private presentations
  • 1Learn what products are most important to consumers.
  • 2Compare your bank to major brands and successful niche players.
  • 3Learn which brands are winning the online conversation battle.
  • 4Understand key challenges for banks in social media.
  • 5See which products offer upside potential with customers.
  • 6Get SME’s exclusive recommendations for banks.

The Conversation

Banks, credit unions and financial institutions, and the marketing and public relations firms that counsel them, face daunting challenges in implementing compliant social media and digital marketing campaigns.

Regulatory concerns, privacy and security issues and the uncertainty of control in the new real of conversational media are just a few of the concerns facing communications professionals in the industry.
The Conversation analyzes the challenges, dives into unfiltered consumer discussions and presents clear insights and indicators direct from customers to help guide the decision-making for bank marketers and their counsel.

Specifically what you get:

  • A 112-page report of the online conversation around banking
  • Exclusive recommendations from SME
  • What leading bank marketers are saying about social
  • Marketing insights direct from consumer conversations

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“I had the opportunity to review The Conversation before its release, and found it to be a careful and methodical inventory of the complicated interchange between social media and financial services. Social media presents some unique challenges for the banking industry in particular, but also represents a chance at a real competitive advantage for banks willing to confront those challenges. The first step in any such engagement is a thorough examination of the playing field, and The Conversation represents a credible and thorough recon from a trusted guide.”

Tom Webster,
Edison Research

Everything you need to know, with no filler: that is not only the best way to describe Jason Falls’s analysis of consumer conversations about the banking industry, it’s also the best way to describe Falls himself. This report provides exceptional guidance, in layman’s terms, to banking industry executives concerned about their long-term reputation.

Todd Defren,
Shift Communications

“I’ve seen reports that offer 1/20th the value of your that have sold for way more. One was 24 pages long and sold for $3,500. Another was about the same length but went for $10,000. The Conversation Report is one of only a handful that I’ve seen offering bank/CU marketers insight that’s really worth something.”

Jeffry Pilcher,