The Reality of Facebook Graph Search [CARTOON]

by · February 22, 20133 comments

With the announcement of Graph Search, Facebook’s answer to Google’s search engine, privacy concerns are once more in the forefront of the minds of many users.  While no new personal information is being provided to the general public, Graph Search has made it exponentially easier for that information to be accessed.  Graph Search will enable people to tap into your timeline, check-ins, likes, employment and education history, and other personal information with a simple query.

This could pose many awkward situations.  Let’s say that you have recently started working for a company and you love your new job.  But maybe, in 2011 you “liked” their archnemesis rival company’s page.  That “like” was long forgotten in your mind, but springs right to the top of the list when your new boss does a Graph Search for people who work at your company that like your rival.  That example might be a little far-fetched, but it is entirely possible given the power of Graph Search.

The moral of the story is: be aware of the information you share and the privacy settings that are on your account.  If you are concerned about “Big Brother” looking over your shoulder, you might want to change some settings from “Everyone” to “Friends”.  Or maybe you are completely paranoid; in that case feel free to change the settings to “Only Me”.  If you want to see something really eye-opening, take a look at your activity log and see all of the things you have done or liked on Facebook. You may have second thoughts about some of those comments that you posted or those late night partying photos you were tagged in.


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