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The Marketing of Digital Marketing

by · October 14, 2013

There are very few agencies – advertising, public relations, digital or otherwise – in the world that like their website. The case of the Cobbler’s Shoes gets everyone in the marketing business. We’re supposed to be experts at building awesome marketing campaigns, yet seldom stop to focus on building them for ourselves.

Digital marketing agencies probably have less stress about this than traditional ones. There’s certainly something to read into the situation when the firm telling you they can make your web presence pop has a web presence that just fizzles.


How To Make Your Business A Viral Sensation

by · August 26, 2013

Can you create “viral?” For a few years after the business demand to “make me a viral video,” became part of the marketing nomenclature between clients and agencies, many of us corrected the assumption. You — the company crafting the video — do not create virality. The audience’s reaction to the content is what makes something “go viral.” It can’t be manufactured.

But actually, it can.


The Danger of Marketing Automation

by · August 20, 2013

The larger your company, audience or stakeholder group, the less your most useful marketing will scale. That is, if you accept the notion that social marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and one-to-one marketing is your most useful.

Surveying the greater blogosphere in the marketing space these days, I’m a bit concerned at the recent thrust for everyone to discuss and promote the idea of marketing automation. Don’t get me wrong, I use it, believe in it and know that it does one critical thing that your business will at some point need: It scales one-to-one communication. Marketing automation — having auto-responders and timed email and other messages sent to individuals based on their previous behaviors and interactions with your brand — is incredible. But as much as I believe in the power of marketing automation, I also believe in the lazy marketer’s ability to muck it up, royally.


Native App or Browser, you ask? Oh, we answer.

by · August 15, 2013

With more and more people interacting with the world and brands using their device, many advertisers have been trying to find their way onto the phone. I have been asked countless times by countless brands, both large and small, “Should we have an app?”

Seems like a simple question but to many it is not. So many brands want to be on that phone in a coveted square, preferably on the first screen. Lofty goals but what I always advocate clients to look at: What is the function or value of your “app”. Sometimes it is hard for brands to think about the end user’s goals and try to find ways that the brand’s goals can align with the consumer’s goals. And when a brand comes from a place where both parties’ objectives can be met, they create engagement for their brand with the consumer. Which always begs the question: what does your customer want?


One Bad Experience Can Ruin a Lifetime of Loyalty

by · August 13, 2013

Loyalty is a crazy word. As marketers it’s something we covet, we want our customers to be fiercely loyal to our brands and to never consider going anywhere else. We want to have a brand that we are a part of turning into a “passion brand.” You know those passion brands like Harley Davidson, Zappos, Apple, Jack Daniels, Southwest and a variety of others. We want to build brands like Harley or in Jason Falls’ case a baseball team like the Pirates; the kind of brands that people are inspired to tattoo on their body. Every company wants a loyal tribe of followers that are aligned to a common purpose in the world. Brand loyalty and preference have been a major justification used for social media, especially when efforts are focused on customer retention and/or customer service.


Measurability is a Key Success Factor for a Social Media Strategy

by · August 6, 2013

It’s about that time of year again. The planning and budgeting process for 2014 marketing budgets has commenced. At least for companies whose budgets are tied to a calendar year, our fiscal year budgeting counterparts are a month into the year and are probably still waiting on budget approval. Heh. When I was in corporate this was always my favorite time of the year. I always wanted to start planning around this time, instead of waiting until October or November like everyone else. I wanted the opportunity to put together something that was really special. It is the chance to really think about what we should be doing, put some thinking around it and hope to sell in enough budget to make it a reality. It’s the time of year when creative juices fly and marketing wings spread. And you can bet that social media is going to be on the radar for significant planning and budget increases again.


Function Will Always Trump Form With Mobile

by · July 29, 2013

A recent conversation with a friend allowed me the opportunity to jump on my soapbox a bit. She was having frustration with an agency partner who was pushing back against the recommendations of a second agency partner which wanted to apply a simple design to her website’s mobile iteration. The pushback was focused on how the simplicity of the design took away from the aesthetic and beauty, the continuity of the brand’s look and feel and other such warm and fuzzies. 

From my soapbox, I said the following:


The Googlification of Shopping (And What To Do About It)

by · July 1, 2013

I can count on one hand the number of times I personally have been grocery shopping in the last 10 years. It’s not that I am lazy or think it’s a woman’s job, but that my wife and I are incompatible in grocery stores. She likes to browse, saunter through the aisles, consider every possible coupon and price combination. I blow through the store with laser accuracy, getting every item on the list, only every item on the list and getting out as efficiently as possible. So we decided this was not something we could do together. And it’s something she enjoys. So I’m merely serving her preferences by steering clear.