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How Much Business Are You Missing Out On?

by · October 4, 2013

What is a reactive purchase? It’s a good question, and one that you’ll soon have an answer to. Understanding the behavior of your target market and buyer is essential to sales and marketing success. Today the two don’t exist as standalone silos; marketing success is no longer tertiary in determining sales success.

What Is A Reactive Purchase?

You might have some idea of what a reactive purchase entails from the wording of the phrase. There doesn’t seem to be one clear cut definition, but I define a reactive purchase as: “A purchase initiated by a spontaneous need, or desire, for a product or service”. The key word here is ‘reactive’, which means to respond to a stimulus.


The 2 Pillars of Success for SEO and Social Media

by · February 20, 2013

You might call this a matter of opinion… or you might add your constructive thoughts in the comments…

Either way, the fact is this: If you keep 2 pillars of success in mind when engaging in SEO or Social Media, you will experience gains (in traffic, reputation, and business).

Don’t believe me?… Google Analytics doesn’t lie: Continually adding unique, value-adding content to your blog and sharing it on social channels will net you serious growth!

So what are the 2 pillars?

Be Active & Add Value

I know, “easier said than done” – But trust me, it works!


5 Ways to Uncover Scammy SEO Agencies

by · December 27, 2012

Is your SEO company scamming you?

Are they using spammy tactics that could actually harm your website?

Can they actually produce results, or are they just stealing your money?

Don’t waste any more time wondering.. here’s a checklist of 5 ways to put your SEO firm to the test…

  1. They don’t charge enough
  2. They Have Publicly Posted Complaints
  3. They Don’t Share Case Studies or References
  4. They Don’t Measure Themselves
  5. They Don’t Share the Secret Sauce

#1) They Don’t Charge Enough

Plain and simple, you get what you pay for.