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LinkedIn Misconnects Show that Automated Matching is Hard

by · July 9, 2014

I’ll report here on a LinkedIn error — it’s not a bug, it’s a flawed algorithm, significant although far from earth-shattering — that shows how difficult automated matching can be. I’ll then offer practical steps LinkedIn could take toward accurate matching.

Why should you read on? Not only because (I’m guessing) you have a LinkedIn profile, but also because in an “omni-channel” world, data matching — also known as data integration, data fusion, record linkage, and synthesis — is central to meeting everyday social and enterprise business challenges.

Two Mismatches

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My Search for Relevance on LinkedIn

by · March 21, 2014

I’m a heavy LinkedIn user, and like many of my ilk — recruiters, marketers, job seekers — I’m quick to jump to search for people-finding. That’s because exploring a social network, connection-by-connection, is beyond tedious. All but poorly-connected users will have millions in their networks, within 2 or 3 links, and manual exploration simply doesn’t scale. (Cutting connections isn’t the answer; it destroys a network’s value, which grows steeply with the number of participants according to the network effect.) Further, you can’t explore what you can’t see. Because many individuals hide their connection lists, a connection-surfer won’t see entire branches of her network. So I — and you — use search.


How To Analyze Your Competitors Using Social Data

by · January 28, 2014

If your business is taking social media seriously, you will have noticed that social media is gradually getting harder to succeed at.  This is a natural progression of the channel, and the changes made by the platforms are largely to be expected.  Take Facebook for instance.  They have little choice but to reduce NewsFeed reach algorithmically for certain types of posts as there is only limited space, and the volume of content being produced by users and pages is constantly growing.


Knowing Your Audience Is Key To Any Marketing Success

by · April 17, 2013

An argument has emerged between a high school friend and me about what the first rule of writing is. She insists it was Layne Tackett’s freshman English class where we learned the K.I.S.S. rule, or keep-it-simple-stupid, was the first rule of writing. I argue that it was Jeanne Williamson’s sophomore one in which we learned what I think is the No. 1 rule for writing: Know your audience.

Of course, the disagreement could well be rooted in the fact I didn’t pay attention in school until roughly my first semester of grad school, but that is not quite relevant to the discussion.


Why You Are Ignoring The Most Important Data

by · April 11, 2013

Business is having a love affair with big data. In the last few months it seems that every conference and webinar I come across has “big data” on the agenda.

Big data is the allure of more. More information. More access to behavior. Opportunities for more sophisticated analysis.  The thinking goes likes this: If we know every move people make then we not only know everything,  but we can predict everything.  As business people we love it because the information is finite, scalable and measurable.


Power 100: Top Banks and Credit Unions Using Social Media

by · April 8, 2013

Social Media Explorer is proud to announce our partnership with The Financial Brand to release the Retail Banking Power 100, a list of the top 100 banks and the top 100 credit unions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This list is a joint effort to celebrate those who are doing amazing things in social media. We worked with Jeffry Pilcher, Editor of The Financial Brand to start the conversation of which banks and credit unions are crushing it on social media channels. To accomplish this we used readily available data to compile the initial list in an effort to create an objective view of where banks stand. We did add a little bit of subjectivity by weighting the number of points assigned for each category of data.


Are you sure your social listening data doesn’t suck?

by · January 10, 2013

I think the title says it all.  Everyone is finally scrambling to figure out how they are going to listen and learn from social data, but the care with which some programs are being set it is shoddy at best.  I know that sounds controversial, but this is not a condemnation of all programs. I certainly don’t know everything about social analytics (no one does) but in an effort to be provocative I am going to make that statement.  Why?  Because it is my job at NetBase to Evangelize the concept of social analytics (and by the nature of my role to make outlandish statements that some don’t agree with) Frankly, from my experience working within and selling to companies setting up programs, this is what I see each and every day.


The Most Loved and Hated Brands of 2012

by · December 18, 2012

Fan advocacy is an important topic for brands. We all want our most loyal fans to spread the word about how much they love our company. While companies are spending a lot of time and money focusing on “influencer” outreach, I’ve been equally exploring the topic of “fan influencers”. I’ve been looking for opportunities to build strategies for brands that focus on finding your most influential fans and providing them with a platform to amplify their message and we’re doing some interesting testing. As a result, I was curious about how advocates and detractors mention brands online.


Forums Outperform Blogs In Social Media Use

by · October 10, 2012

We told you in May how important forums and message boards were in the landscape of social media in the banking industry. With 90 percent of the conversations about banks and bank products coming from message boards, even if our methodology was off a little here or there, that number is baffling.

To further explore the importance of message boards, my friends and partners in The Social Habit from Edison Research — Tom Webster, Jay Baer and Mark Schaefer — and I decided to ask more questions in a survey setting to see if there was any meat to The Conversation Report’s indications. As it turns out, forums and message boards outperform blogs in terms of usage.