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NOTE: This position has now be filled. Thank you for reading and for your interest. If we hire in social media again, we’ll post another entry. Just in case, subscribe to our feed!

Early in 2007, a singular client came to Doe-Anderson asking for guidance in the social web. Since that time, almost all of our clients have either expressed interest, or expressly ordered up social media thinking. Not to mention we’ve added a few new clients to the fold based primarily on our social media capabilities.

We’re fortunate to now be in a position to hire a social media manager. I am the primary decision-maker. While Crystal Peterson, our Sr. VP for Human Resources, will certainly be posting the official position in various and sundry places around the on- and off-line world, consider this the job announcement.


  1. An experienced (2-5 years) social media marketer. Someone who blogs or understands blogging and participates in social networks and online communities, has an understanding of web TV, podcasting, wikis and social bookmarking sites, and can translate that knowledge in to recommendations for clients.
  2. Someone with a more than rudimentary understanding of search engine optimization.
  3. A person who is comfortable teaching social media to others.
  4. A person who enjoys engaging in conversations, both on-line and off.
  5. An excellent writer.
  6. An independent thinker and task master with the appropriate organizational skills to be a good one.
  7. Someone with an insistence on honesty, transparency and integrity.
  8. A person I can put in front of a client. (i.e. – You speak and present well, aren’t a slob and don’t smell bad.)


  1. Someone with community management experience. And not just a blog with comments, but forums, message boards or small social networks.
  2. A person with web-TV and/or podcasting experience.
  3. Someone with an impressive social media profile in one or several of the popular social networks or social bookmarking/news sites.
  4. A salesman who can help us grow our social media clientele.
  5. Someone who can navigate their way around HTML and PHP code … or at least do so without screwing something up.


  1. An easier, more social method of finding someone to hire.
  2. Someone to tackle the world with.


  1. A good-paying job with a visionary marketing agency working with national clients.
  2. A competitive benefits package including medical and dental insurance, disability and retirement.
  3. Staff blogging privileges on Social Media Explorer and Doe-Anderson’s blog.
  4. Sole responsibility for accounts to build your resume and reputation.
  5. The chance to live in a pretty damn fine town, some call it Possibility City, with a burgeoning pool of social media and tech talent.
  6. A pretty swell boss.


  1. Don’t send me resumes. Connect with me. I’m easy to find.
  2. Give me an elevator pitch on why you are the person we’ve described.
  3. Send me (via whatever electronic method you deem most efficient) a short list of what you’ve done and where I can find evidence of it. Or have a full profile on LinkedIn. It’s easier that way.
  4. If your profiles are hard to link to you on social media sites, tell me which are yours and what you’re hiding.
  5. Understand this will be a competitive search and I’m hiring one person. Be outstanding.

The only other disclaimer I’ll throw in there is that if you have issues working in the alcohol, wine and spirits category, you’re not going to like this job. That won’t be the only category you’ll work in, though. Experience in travel, banking, medical, non-profits or B2B environments is a plus. Social media community influence in those categories is a super bonus. If you can talk circles around lawyers, you’re already at the top of the stack.

Ready? Connect with me.

And a hat-tip to Aaron Strout who invented this method. I have clearly ripped him off, but I’d guess he doesn’t mind.

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Jason Falls

Jason Falls is a leading thinker, speaker and strategist in the world of digital marketing and is co-author of two books, No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing and The Rebel's Guide To Email Marketing. By day, he leads digital strategy for Elasticity, one of the world's most innovative digital marketing and public relations firms. Follow him on Twitter (@JasonFalls).

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  • robin

    Wow, sounds like a fun gig, Jason. Too bad I don’t live in Possibility City. Instead, I live in the People’s Republic of Boulder…

  • Mari

    Man, it’s a shame I don’t qualify – I’d be there in a heartbeat. :)

  • http://EdRoberts.TV Ed Roberts

    Sounds like a great job. I’m in no way a salesman, so I guess I’m out.

    Either way, best of luck on finding the addition to your staff Jason!

  • Jim Durbin

    One nice thing about posting a job on a blog is you don’t have to write the horrible HR descriptions you see on job boards.

    If more managers wrote descriptions like this, most recruiters would be out of work.

  • kimhaynes

    Love this idea. Even cross posted it in a blog on my site. Looking forward to seeing who your hire will be.

  • karen mattonen

    Anytime you want to talk, give me a call, maybe a win/win Situation can develop. There are many possibilities.
    Karen Mattonen

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  • britneymason

    Sooooo would love that job. I just dont live anywhere near you. Dang…

  • Loraine

    I saw on twitter you hope to narrow your list down to three this week. (I assume it was this job.) Good luck.

    If you’re ever seeking someone part-time or for freelance work, drop me a line. I’ve worked online for eight years, both as a community editor and writer for TechRepublic and now was a blogger for IT Business Edge.

    Also, I know Beth.

  • Rodger D. Johnson


    This sounds like a VERY interesting job. We should talk about how things turn out. Based on the job description, I don’t think I’m qualified. In the past few weeks it’s dawned on me that my Master’s degree, which I’ll officially have in a few days, has set be back more that set me ahead.

    While I understand theory, research and all that good stuff…it’s time to apply that to social media.

  • Thomas Rasinen

    Your job description is what I do.

    If you’re serious about bringing talent to Louisville, call me and its done!


  • Eric Trytko

    Jason, it’s a bit of a reach, but I am interested in Social Media Manager opening. Here is my LinkedIn profile

  • Britt Parrott

    Hi Jason,

    I’m definitely interested and have contacted you through the three methods above. I’ll follow up shortly with a more detailed list of my expertise and accomplishments.

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  • Theresa DaSilva

    Hi Jason,

    This position sounds just like what I am looking for. I love meeting with clients, and technology is a passion for me. You can view my LinkedIn profile at the following url.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you!
    Theresa DaSilva

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  • Jason Falls

    To those of you who commented with interest but didn’t reach out to me otherwise, I’m sorry I didn’t respond. However, blog comments are unreliable and I don’t always get email notifications there are new comments. Honestly, I missed a few of these until well into the process.

    The “Connect With Me” line links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter … all much more reliable ways to get a hold of me. Next time, go the extra mile. My general rule of thumb is to follow up with everyone who reaches out to me for just about any reason. If you don’t hear from me, I didn’t get the message or you’re stalking me, one or the other.

    Thanks for the interest, though. We had a great list of candidates and are very pleased with our hire.

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  • William

    So how did your role/job opening workout? Do tell (material for another post?). All the best 8~)

  • Jason Falls

    Hey William,

    Turned out great. Check this out and you’ll know more:

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