If there’s one thing I’ve had to adjust to as a small business owner, it is budgeting the time needed each month to do the busy work of being in business. Whether it’s paying bills, filing receipts with my accountant or inputting dozens of business cards into my contacts or customer database, there’s just some time you have to allot each month for administrative tasks. When the commercial says, “There’s an app for that,” they’re not wrong.

I’ve recently discovered Shoeboxed.com and it has turned out to be a real time-saver for me. While there’s little social about this app, I figure a fair number of you either own your business or work for someone else but have to keep track of receipts and sometimes get pockets full of business cards at various events, too. Shoeboxed takes that data-entry time out of your schedule, giving you more time to focus on making money, not administrative stuff.

All you do with a Shoeboxed account is send all your receipts and business cards to ShoeBoxed in the handy self-addressed, postage paid envelopes they ship you. (And there’s no organizing, just throw them in!) When the envelope gets full or every couple of weeks, whichever suits you, you send it to ShoeBoxed and they do the rest. A few days after they receive your envelope, you get an email that says your information is ready. Go online and download a spreadsheet with your receipts detailed (complete with links to images of the original) and a .csv file with your new contacts.

Fire the spreadsheet off to accounting (or your accountant), import the .csv file into your contacts and that hour of work you used to have when doing your monthly or weekly paper work just took about 60 seconds.

ShoeBoxed has a free version with limited volume, then $9.99, $29.99 and $49.95 monthly price plans. I only need the $9.95 plan myself, so it’s well worth the investment for me. Give it a try. All the links here are affiliate links, by the way. I think I get a cheessburger if you sign up. I like cheeseburgers.

And let me know what you think about it. My accountant was so intrigued by it, she’s recommending it to several of her clients just to save them some time and make her job more uniform since the spreadsheets Shoeboxed spits back are pretty useful and import easily into Quickbooks, Quicken or other accounting software. Show it to your accountant, too. Who knows, it might make their day, your day and my day.

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Jason Falls

Jason Falls is a leading thinker, speaker and strategist in the world of digital marketing and is co-author of two books, No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing and The Rebel's Guide To Email Marketing. By day, he leads digital strategy for Elasticity, one of the world's most innovative digital marketing and public relations firms. Follow him on Twitter (@JasonFalls).

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  • http://thinksync.com.au Kelsey Brookes

    Do they send your receipts back to you? At least in Australia (and the link does redirect to the Australian store – kudos for having an international store!) you're required to hold onto the original receipts for tax purposes.

    The site says “Rest easily knowing that in case of an ATO audit, your documents are organised and secured online.” – that's at least a little disingenuous and reduces my trust in the company somewhat.

    Looking at the site, they also offer an iPhone app and a similar snap-and-send methodology to Card Munch. That's a much more tax-friendly option for Aussie users.

    • http://socialmediaexplorer.com JasonFalls

      To my understanding they will send receipts back to you or recycle

      them. However, the online organization is an actual image of your

      original. So you can reprint what you send anytime.

      • http://thinksync.com.au Kelsey Brookes

        Thanks Jason, appreciate both the article and the response.

    • http://www.shoeboxed.com.au Simon Foster

      Hi Kelsey,

      Depending on the plan purchased, Shoeboxed will send receipts back to you.

      However, the ATO does not actually require you to keep paper copies. In fact, we have been informed the auditors prefer the electronic versions since everything is contained in a single PDF file (a summary of data plus images of the receipts), and – of course – there is no issue with faded thermal receipts.

      If you are feeling masochistic you can read the ATO's tax ruling 2005/9 at http://law.ato.gov.au/atolaw/v… – Shoeboxed complies with this ruling and we are registered with the ATO for this at http://softwaredevelopers.ato….

      If you have any questions please just give us a call on 1300 00 1333 or try the service for free at https://www.shoeboxed.com.au/f… (Australia Only) – other countries can get info at http://www.shoeboxed.com/


      - Simon

      Simon Foster
      Managing Director
      Shoeboxed Australia

      • http://thinksync.com.au Kelsey Brookes

        That's great to hear – as a small business it can be very hard to keep on top of these sorts of things. Thanks for letting me know!

        Also, awesome work on social media monitoring, guys – love it.

  • Lisa at Shoeboxed

    Thanks for the great article, Jason! Let us know if we can be of any assistance in helping you stay organized!

  • Storch Kirill

    Very cool. quick question: Is it possible to iframe this directly into your facebook? We want to combine our shoebox with another branding app but think we could save some money by skipping on fbml developer fees and just iframing? something kind of like this but custom suited for our branding?