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A while back when I asked my online community what nonprofits I should feature in these #GivingTuesday posts, Mark Fitzgerald recommended Project Espwa. What an interesting outreach.

The Haitian Kreyol word for “hope” is “espwa.” And that’s exactly what Project Espwa does for the children in the community of Leogane, Haiti. One of the reasons I’m impressed by Project Espwa is their staying power. Their initial projects were in 2010 in direct response to the earthquake, “doza janvie.” Most groups would’ve stopped there, trusting some other entity to fill the long-term needs. But not Project Espwa. They kept going back.

Project Espwa for Social Media Explorer's #GivingTuesday

Each time, they learned more and more about the community and adjusted their response accordingly. Over the years, they’ve determined that healthy bodies and strong minds are foundational to a solid future, so now they focus on projects that promote good health and quality education. They started with projects securing clean water systems, reliable power, and permanent shelter. They have earned enough trust that they were recently granted property to build a school and orphanage in a town called Gracie! Their current projects include:

  1. Build and equip a top-notch private school in the Leogane area of Haiti – to serve up to 200 children.
  2. Partner with medical professionals to establish a health clinic in close proximity to the school.
  3. Establish a “Sponsorship” program to help fund the cost of education for at least 100 students.

Make a gift today

You can make a gift today to support their work by clicking on the “Donate Now” button or going directly here on PayPal. Your donation will continue the ongoing work in Haiti!

You can see pictures of their work in the gallery on their site at,


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