How To Pitch SME

Social Media Explorer’s industry-leading blog and publishing platform is PR pitch friendly. Our founder, Jason Falls is, after all, a public relations professional by trade. But, as with any media member, blogger or otherwise, we have some preferences that will help you get consideration.

  1. We write about social media, public relations, marketing and advertising. Sometimes we touch on how technology effects those worlds. If it’s not in those categories, don’t pitch us.
  2. It should be brief. We don’t mind emails (send to jkelly – at –, but if you write more than a paragraph, you’ve gone too far. Tell us who you are, what it is, why it’s relevant and ask me if I’d like more info.
  3. Do NOT send us a press release. See rule No. 2.
  4. Pitching us is different than briefing us on your product. As industry analysts, we need to be up-to-date on the tools and technologies available, so yes – we want to hear about your tool or product so long as it fits into the topics in rule No. 1. Please be clear which you’re asking for when you email … for ¬†us to write about you, or to know about you for future research and recommendations to people.
  5. Understand that we are generally not likely to write about your thing. We generally publish five days each week but get about 10 pitches that are somewhat relevant to our audience in the same time span. Don’t count on coverage. But if your tool, site, etc., is interesting to our audience, we will probably Tweet about it.
  6. There are several other authors at SME. You’re welcome to pitch them if you like. See their sites/bios for appropriate contact points.
  7. And as much as we hate this because it’s rude and inconsiderate, you’re also not likely to hear back from us. It’s not that we don’t want to be nice and respond, but we’re busy helping clients with digital marketing projects and priorities take precedence. Fair or not, that’s how it is. We’re sorry in advance. But make that one paragraph good and you’ve got a shot.

Revised 5/2013