A Guide To Influence Measurement Tools Worth Reading

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The fine folks at The Realtime Report have put together a very nice guide to understanding social influence measurement tools that should be rather helpful if you’re interested in understanding and leveraging influencers in your marketing program. And the fine folks at Appinions are offering a limited supply of those reports for free. Honestly, I missed this report when it first came out, but have recently read it and am quite impressed.

Not only is it thorough and thoughtful, but even breaks the tools (like Klout, Kred, Traackr and so on) down into personal influence and contextual influence spheres. I consider myself fairly well-read on the topic and I learned a few things here.

Appinions Guide to Influence Measurement ToolsThe good news is that I think they still have a few of the free downloads of the report left. Beyond that, the report will require a payment. But if you hurry over, you can download a free one. If you don’t get there fast enough, I believe the report will be just $20, which is well worth it.

As with any other niche in the social software space, influence measurement tools are ever-changing. Getting a bit of insight into how they work and which one or ones might be best for your business is smart. Check out the report.

Editor’s Note: Appinions, the sponsor of the report, is a client of SME contributor Stephanie Schwab. She did not, however, contribute to my analysis or this post. Social Media Explorer is not affiliated with Appinions or The Realtime Report as of this writing.

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  • Appinions_Christina

    Jason – Thanks for sharing the Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence Measurement. They really did a fantastic job providing a comprehensive overview of influence marketing and the various platforms in this space. Thanks for pointing your community to it. We hope they find it valuable!

    Also, if you’re interested in learning more about Appinions, we’d love to set you up with a free demo. Just let us know!

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  • http://twitter.com/tonia_ries Tonia Ries

    Hi Jason – 

    Thanks so much for your positive review of The Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence Measurement Tools.  I’m glad you found it useful.

    I do need you to clarify, however, that Appinions was not involved in writing this report.  The Guide was written by myself and the team at The Realtime Report, based on interviews with representatives at all of the vendors that are covered in the report.

    Appinions has chosen to purchase a quantity of the Guides and make them available as complimentary copies to their audience, but they did not in any way influence the content of the report.

    Readers can download complimentary copies from Appinions (registration required), or purchase them for $20 at http://therealtimereport.com/the-realtime-report-guide-to-influence-measurement-tools/.  


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  • http://www.callboxinc.co.uk/ Hannah Hamilton

    This opinion is new to me but when I did some research about it, I find it very useful for identifying the individuals who have true influence on any subject, and provide a road-map for clients on how to reach and influence those people to the client’s benefit.

  • https://twitter.com/sanketpatel Sanket Patel

    Influence marketing is a marketing that emerged the recent practises and studies. It only focuses specific key individuals not the whole market.  The measurement tools about influence marketing is really worth to read.  The tools which you are suggested over here its really very good to know.

  • nannasin smith

      I learned a few things here. 

  • Titanium metal

    Hai…nice article…very informative post…i enjoyed
    reading this blog..thanks for sharing with us.

  • Kimberly Davis

    Jason, the report def is not free anymore at #Appinions. However, this site is filled with great knowledge!

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