Holy Sh!t Content with Jason Falls [Podcast]

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Explore Marketing Uncensored, Social Media Explorer’s weekly podcast. Explore Marketing Uncensored is your one-way ticket into the twisted minds of some of the greatest digital marketing and social media thought leaders around. The goal: to provide marketing executives with the knowledge they need to be rock stars in their organization.

In this week’s episode, host Jason Spooner and SME President Nichole Kelly sit down with Jason Falls to talk about “Holy Sh!t!” content and why it is important to the success of marketing campaigns and initiatives. Better than great content, “Holy Sh!t!” content is defined by Jason Falls as content that literally makes you want to say, “Holy Sh!t, that’s _____ (informative/awesome/helpful/funny)!” So why is “Holy Sh!t!” content so good? “Holy Sh!t!” content is the content that gets shares, produces ROI and is the type of content that causes brands to stand out from their competitors.

Want to learn more about “Holy Sh!t!” content? Then join Jason Falls and a score of other amazing thought leaders at the Explore Scottsdale Event April 12 – 13.

Show notes

CaféPress – Jason Falls serves as their VP of Digital Strategy

No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing Bullshit Book – Jason Fall’s game changing book on social media

Gangnam Style – Example of Holy Sh!t Content

Redbull Stratos – Example of Holy Sh!t Content

H&R Block Community – Social community for individuals looking to discuss their tax preparation (also example of holy sh!t content)

Southwest Airlines Steward Rap – Example of Holy Sh!t Content

Free Air Guitar Radio Promo – Example of offline Holy Sh!t Content

Dollar Shave Club – Example of Holy Sh!t Content

Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 ½ Weeks to Save the World – Example of Old Spice’s Holy Sh!t Content (site no longer active)

Reader Sheds – Example of Holy Sh!t Content

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