Industry Reports

Coming in October : What People Are Saying about Restaurants

Our next exciting industry report covers over 70 brands in the Quick Service and Fast Casual dining industry, 28 in-depth. Expanding on our findings presented at this year’s Food Service Social Media University, this report will cover:

  • What are the biggest behavioral triggers when people are considering a restaurant?
  • Which restaurant brands generate the most positive and negative conversation in social media?
  • Which restaurant brands generate the most passionate response online?
  • How big of an influence is health-consciousness really making on diners?
  • What was the biggest restaurant marketing flub of the year? (Hint: Not what you expect!)
  • Which restaurant brand’s spokesperson gets a surprisingly negative reaction in social media?

… All this and more will be available in our next industry report, due out in October 2012.



The Banking Report

To see our current report offering, What Consumers Are Saying About Banking, visit our detailed information page.

What is Conversational Research?

Until now, market research offered limited and expensive options. Custom focus groups, consumer interviews and extensive polling could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Generic insights constructed from qualitative interviews of a handful of industry practitioners with some survey data costs thousands. You could do all that research yourself, spending hours of your valuable time trying to come up with insights that will help with your marketing decisions–assuming you have resources with the necessary training in research methodology.

Social Media Explorer Industry Reports fill the gap. We survey the conversational marketplace to discover what consumers are saying about your industry, your competitors and potentially your brand. We interview brand-side professionals to gain practical insights into industry challenges and opportunities. We uncover top online resources, top performing case studies and top influencers in your industry. We also develop practical recommendations to help you prioritize your digital marketing efforts.

Our industry reports focus on a specific industry or vertical to drill down and provide more relevant insights to your business. If we haven’t covered your industry yet, please let us know you’d like to see it added soon.

Custom Reports

Research into the conversational marketplace takes unique tools, insights and experience. Social Media Explorer is happy to build custom research for your brand or organization. We utilize the latest technologies in both the social media monitoring and online market research technology space to identify not just mentions of your brand or product, but topics and consumer intent and emotion around them. From this information, we produce a report and set of recommendations that help guide your digital marketing decisions.

The potential questions our research can answer for your brand include:

  • Where does my brand fit in the landscape of consumer opinion in my industry?
  • What do people online say about their intent to purchase my product versus my competitors?
  • Have our marketing messages resonated with online consumers? Do they believe them?
  • How passionate are people about my product versus those of our competitors?
  • What do consumers say about our product, its uses, its problems, its strengths?

For our custom research reports, we work with you to determine the questions you want answered. Then we survey the conversational marketplace of blogs, forums, message boards, social networks, microblogging platforms, online news sites and comment sections of sites around the web to find those answers.

You can spend dozens of man hours and thousands of dollars investing in the technology to discover this information on your own. But we would be proud to perform that service for you. Contact us today to set up a preliminary discovery call and we’ll get started!