Online Learning

Inside Exploring Social Media.Sometimes you just need answers to a question or two. Social Media Explorer provides that with its unique learning community and question-answer site Exploring Social Media. The premise is simple: We took online learning and turned it on its head. Instead of taking a bunch of linear lessons and then having a forum or message board to ask questions in, we built a site that is focused on allowing you to ask your questions. From there, our digital marketing and social media marketing experts answer, then if necessary, route you to lessons we have on the site to help extend your understanding or learning.

We consider it sort of an on-call consultancy for you!

Exploring Social Media is a subscription-based community. Membership is just $25 per month and you can cancel anytime. Members receive invitations to exclusive monthly webinars, discounts to events and products and first-look opportunities at many of the products and services Social Media Explorer produces or tests for others.

All you have to do to gain access to the community and the answers to your questions is sign up!