Social Media Explorer offers strategic consulting for digital and social media marketing for brands, companies and organizations of all sizes. Our work is focused on four primary areas: strategy development, communications planning, research and education/training. We work with you to develop and determine who will handle execution and support of the strategies, ongoing program optimization and reporting. Our trusted network of referral partners are often, but not always part of those solutions. At the end of the day, our goal is simple: To help solve your digital communications problems.

We’re Not Just Social Media

From developing email marketing campaigns to overseeing the strategic repurposing of our client’s websites, the strategic consulting our clients benefit from is far more comprehensive than social media marketing. Sure, social media is in our name and the niche for which we’ve become known. But at the end of the day about 30 percent of what we do is most truly defined as “social media marketing.” Yes, we can have blinders on for you, but our philosophy internally and working on your team is simple:

We are smarter than me!

Whether we’re partnering with your advertising agency, public relations firm, internal IT staff or marketing managers, we consider it a requirement to offer our insight and input across the gamut of marketing efforts. Recommendations from our strength areas will certainly carry more weight, but we just might think the logo should be bigger. If we do, we’ll tell you.

You pay us for counsel. We’re going to deliver on that promise. You pay us for what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. In that regard, our honesty is a fault. Forgive us.

Social Media Marketing Is About Business

Within our specific area of expertise, social media marketing, we’ve developed some strong philosophies that guide our client’s success. Social Media Explorer works with brands, businesses and organizations to help integrate social media marketing to achieve business goals. Those goals may be to improve internal communications, build brand awareness, improve online sentiment, monitor and measure online conversations, improve customer service or, yes, to drive sales. Our challenge is to help define success as it relates to your business and its customers, then recommend social media marketing programs that achieve that definition.

As part of our approach, we also incorporate and include educational elements to empower and inform a client’s employees or team members.

It is important to note that while Social Media Explorer does bring knowledge and expertise in the areas of search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, website and user experience design, database and information systems integration and social media management solutions, we maximize efficiencies on your behalf by working with trusted partners to provide these services.

The pricing structure for consulting services varies, depending upon scope of work, research commitment required and project timing. All work is based on our core consulting rates. Contact us for specific price quotes.

Social Media Explorer offers:

  • Website assessment, report and recommendations
  • Online Brand Report (includes website assessment, benchmarking, research and recommendations focused on core digital marketing efforts including website, social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization (on- and off-site).
  • Counsel for Digital Marketing Strategic Planning, Traditional Marketing Integration, Internet & Social Media Concepting, Brainstorming & Ideation Facilitation
  • Online Conversational Market Research – Varies depending upon scope. See our Industry Reports for more information on broad level research that may benefit your organization.
  • Consultation and Development of Social Media Policies and Procedures

Our Approach

Every brand, company, agency and project is different. As such, our approach, deliverables and pricing vary. Generally and for consulting services, we need a period of immersion into your brand, company, product, target audiences and internal team to ensure our thinking and planning is informed and appropriate. We explore social media activities of the past and present, survey benchmarks or competitive sets and reach out to key influencers within your target audience to solicit feedback on your company, brand, product and approach. At that point, we can truly begin to deliver optimal value to your organization with social media strategic planning, integration with your traditional marketing efforts, counsel to your compliance or legal staffs and assistance with public and media relations in the online realm.


Our outputs can consist of brand assessment reports and recommendations, strategic planning documents, social media campaign guidelines, social media policies and guidelines, creative idea generation and tactical execution recommendations. We can work through existing, new or SME-chosen partners to produce websites, applications and interactive properties to execute and support the tactics and strategies developed. We can also provide ongoing counsel, education and advisement on social media activities.


Social Media Explorer can estimate work on a project or retainer fee basis. Our pricing is normally value based, rather than hourly estimates. For a benchmark, however, our general hourly rate is $350.00.