Speaking & Training

With proven industry experience and award-winning strategies under its belt, Social Media Explorer provides some of the most sought-after social media public speakers and social media marketing training available. Jason Falls and Nichole Kelly have provided hands-on workshops for social media, digital marketing talks and social media marketing keynote presentations at major conferences.

The key ingredient to Social Media Explorer’s public speaking and training events is providing no-nonsense, actionable takeaways that put you on a better path to success with social media immediately. Whether through high-level, theoretical perspectives or here-and-now how-to workshops, audiences come away with both ideas on what to do and lists of what to do next.

Jason Falls

Social Media Educator, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

Social Media Speaker Jason FallsFew people can boast an International speaking resume on social media marketing. Falls has addressed crowds in four countries and on three continents, providing insight and instruction in social media marketing. His speaking resume includes GTNF 2010 (Bangalore, India), SOMESSO (London, 2009), South by Southwest (2011, 2012), IABC World Conference (San Francisco, 2009), PRSA International (Detroit, 2008), Blog World & New Media Expo (Las Vegas/New York/Los Angeles, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012) and a variety of other national and international events.

Falls can and has spoken on a variety of topics in the digital marketing landscape. Each of his talks are customized to the audience and often feature ideas for the specific vertical or industry to which he is speaking. His topics generally fall into the following categories:

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Technology Tools & Platforms
  • Conversational Marketplace Analysis/Analyzing Online Conversations
  • Social Media Consumer Behavior

Many of Falls’s recent talks have been focused on Social Media Explorer’s innovative approach to consumer research with our Industry Reports.

Nichole Kelly

Social Media Educator, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

Keynote Speaker Nichole KellyDon’t let her small size fool you; Nichole is a power house on stage. She carries her no B.S. approach wherever she goes and audiences love her for it. You’ll see your audience laughing, nodding, and clapping in agreement as she delivers an engaging and informative presentation. Nichole has delivered presentations to audiences of all sizes from intimate corporate gatherings to large industry events. Nichole has presented at several industry conferences including Dreamforce, Marketing Sherpa-B2B Summit,
Social Media Success Summit, Marketing Profs University, Social Tech, Inbound Marketing Summit, Explore and several AMA and PRSA sessions.

Currently, Nichole is on tour promoting her new book “How to Measure Social Media: A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing and Assessing Social Media ROI” but she can develop a presentation for pretty much any marketing topic as most of her career has included traditional marketing responsibilities. Nichole can cover topics at a high overview level or get as detailed as running hands-on workshops. She caters her presentations not only to the experience level of the audience, but also to the interpersonal dynamics and communication styles of the group she is presenting to.

Nichole can create and customize a presentation specifically for your audience, but here
are some presentations she regularly delivers.

  • How to Measure Social Media
  • Selling Social Media to the C-Suite
  • Where Social Media fits in the Sales Funnel
  • Developing and Measuring Social Media Lead Generation Strategies
  • Developing and Measuring Social Media Brand Awareness Strategies
  • Developing and Measuring Social Media Customer Retention Strategies
  • Social TV: The Evolution of the Entertainment Industry
  • Integrating Social Media into Your Current Marketing Strategy
  • Leveraging Social Media In Franchise Businesses

Choose The Speaking or Training Element That Meets Your Needs

Keynote Events

Social Media Explorer provides keynote speakers in Falls or Kelly to conferences and corporate events around the globe. Thought-provoking and invigorating, Falls and Kelly are some of the most sought-after and dynamic speakers in the social media marketing industry. From humorous to insightful, but always engaging, they can tackle the challenge of pushing the audience to think, lighting a fire of excitement about the event and learning under the crowd or a combination of both. For fee information, contact us directly.

Providing no-nonsense, actionable takeaways that put you on a better path to success with social media immediately

Corporate Speaking Engagements

Why send 1-2 people from your company to a conference to hear talks on broad topics aimed at large crowds when you can spend almost the same amount of money to have Social Media Explorer speak to your company, clients, marketing or management teams on the topics you want covered? Customize the learning to your company or organization and energize your event with Falls and Kelly’s engaging styles. For fee information, contact us directly.

Corporate/Agency/Firm Training

Perhaps the most value Social Media Explorer delivers is through the corporate training boot camps and seminars we conduct with corporations and management teams. Because of our experience in the advertising agency industry, SME is also well-equipped to provide similar value to ad agencies and public relations firms in need of anything from basic, entry-level social media training to strategic planning advice and social media staffing counsel. For fee information, contact us directly.

Social Media Technology Coaching (one-on-one)

Sometimes social media decision-making comes down to a certain executive team member’s comfort level with the tools, platforms and technologies involved. For special circumstances, SME offers one-on-one executive coaching and education for social media tools, technologies and even strategic thinking counsel. For fee information, contact us directly.