5 Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Exposure on Social Media

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Because of social media, you have more options for your marketing budget than ever before. This is a double-edged sword, however; while this plethora of choices gives you more opportunities to connect with your existing clients and draw in new business, it can also be difficult to prioritize your time and money.

However, no matter what strategy you ultimately choose, there are five things that should definitely be in the conversation.

Brand Robot1. Create Valuable Content

While this might seem obvious, it’s worth stating because creating valuable content is possibly the most important thing you can do to increase your brand’s exposure on social media. To this end,”value” comes in many forms. The content could be funny, informative, controversial, or inspiring. As long as it enriches the people who see it, they will be more likely to share it with their friends giving you free “word of mouth” (or, in this case, “click of mouse”) advertising.

In addition to word-of-mouth advertising, creating valuable content for your blog, Facebook page, or other social media outlets will reflect positively on your brand. Like a bottle of wine with a fancy label, creating valuable content shows that you’re invested in creating a high-quality product.

2. Interact With Your Community

So people have started to notice your valuable content? That’s great, but it’s not worth much if you don’t follow it up with some good community interaction. Ideally, at least some of your valuable content ends with the opportunity for user interaction, also called a “call to action.” A call to action could ask the users to share the piece, it could ask them to join a debate, or it could just answer a question.

Basically, start a dialogue. It might be difficult to get people talking at first, but once you do, your posts will be a lot more interesting for other users to read and it will be more fun to maintain as well!

3. Localize Your Social Media Pages

Ideally, you should create blogs or websites for each locality in which you do business. This is especially important for large businesses that span cities, or even states, but this tactic also can be valuable for smaller businesses with locations in different parts of a single city as well. These localized blogs will, of course, have locally relevant content, which will be valuable to the people living in the area. Localizing a blog will also increase your social media ranking for searches in that area and will make your website more tempting to other local businesses for cross promotional deals.

If you don’t want to spend the time or money building and maintaining a blog for each of your locations, it is still a good idea to build local social media pages that will share locally relevant content. This can be a good compromise for those who don’t want to mess around with buying a lot of domain names but still want to take advantage of local internet traffic.

4. Target Mobile Social Media Users

Of the 317.2 million people in the United States, fully half own a smart phone or tablet and of these people, half actively use social media on that device. That’s a potential audience of 79.3 million people — definitely not something you want to ignore. Unfortunately, native ads don’t show up on the Facebook mobile interface (not yet at least). If you were relying on native ads, therefore, you’re missing a large part of the market.

Also, Facebook has recently started using a program called StoryBump, which decides what Facebook users will see first in their News Feeds. The old program tried to pull posts that would match the interests of the individual and, while story bump does this to some degree, it relies more heavily on how many times an article is shared and when it was posted.

5. Consider Hiring a Full-Time Social Media Manager

If you’re thinking about bumping your social media marketing efforts up a notch, you might want to consider bringing a full-time social media guru onboard. For small businesses that are operating on tight margins, it might be prudent to check all the financial factors before creating such a position. Make sure your company has the most affordable business rates for cutting  energy costs to ensure you have enough room in the budget to make such a hire. Otherwise, you may want to just consider hiring a freelancer.

Either way, however, with these five tips under their belt they’ll be well on their way to building your company a large social media following.

What other tricks do you know for maximizing a brand’s social media presence?

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  • http://indispensablemarketing.com/ Patrick McFadden

    Teddy number one is by far the most important to me and my clients as a marketing consultant for SMBs. Marketing today is more about being found and less about going out and hunting. In today’s online, socially enabled world the currency of being found is content.

    • http://www.texas-careers.blogspot.com/ Dr. Anthony C. Edwards

      Couldn’t agree more, @patrickmcfadden:disqus!

      • http://indispensablemarketing.com/ Patrick McFadden

        Thanks Anthony for your mention!

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  • Charles James

    Great points Teddy! I especially support the localization part and of course the mobile part. However I would add another aspect, dealing with – choosing the right social platform that suits you and your business. There are so many popular social networks today and many business owners are not familiar with them and don’t even know where to start. It’s a *little* too long to list them all here, it’s more likely a topic for a series of articles, but i’ll just mention that considering the main parts -in my opinion- of this post (local, mobile) you should try using local social networks- these are social networks as you know it but the local aspect is very important- you tag yourself on a map and you can see your neighbors / events around you / shops around you etc. And of course that as such a dynamic and geographic platforms- most of these platforms are available as mobile apps. Just to name few- nextdoor, meetup (not very suitable for businesses) and meetey.com . I’ll be very happy to read other people opinion!

  • http://marcscottvoiceover.com/ Marc Scott

    Great tips. Mobile is something I’ve been working on more and more with my sites. I’ve switched my sites to WordPress themes that use Responsive Design to try and better engage with mobile users. As I follow my traffic stats I can see that it’s definitely the way of the future!

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  • http://www.tidungisland.asia/ Shat Seo

    I like the explanation that you gave us, especially me perpetrators of social media. related to points 2 to Interact With Your Community. as local and global businesses, must have a way of talking that is good and right and know the product is marketed paket pulau tidung. even when many media that provide a place to promote products that we sell. but
    prospective buyers will want to know the complete and updates about the
    products we sell, the official blog that the website ( pulau pari )plays a role in
    pemasan product.

  • http://www.prbrigade.com/ Jim Young

    All great points, Teddy. I’d like to add one note to interacting with the community. I think that it’s obviously very important to reach out to fans & others interacting with your networks, but I also think it’s crucial to engage with influencers too. This is a great way to get noticed, but it does take time and relationship building to get to the point of success, as with all things! Thanks for the article!

  • BigcomDevloper

    Great Teddy !! Really appreciate for this, Our panel of social media experts carefully reviewed, some of social media sites are as helpful as any marketing tool. These all social media site to use day by day more and more. In 2014 I think , one day without this site we cant communicate.

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  • Tim

    Cool stuff! Targeting mobile social network users is becoming pretty much the standard these days. More and more people are accessing their social networks via phones. While this is a great start, there is so much more to go. Increasing brand exposure isn’t a one time fix. It’s something you’ll have to understand thoroughly and it requires professionals. The good people over at Agent Link have always been helpful and stay on top of the current trends. They’re experts in brand awareness. http://www.agentlinkmarketing.com/

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