Are You Marketing Your Marketing?

by · January 21, 201317 comments

No doubt you’ve heard the pithy quote from Jay Baer that in order to be ultimately successful with your social media marketing, you have to, “Market your marketing.” The simple explanation is that after you’ve concerted, built and launched your product or campaign, your work is only beginning. For then is when you market your marketing!

Or, to put it somewhat differently, the social media world is not one of, “If you build it, they will come.” It’s a world where you have to build it, then tell everyone in the world about it a dozen times, then some of them will come.

Social media is a more fertile ground for customer retention than customer acquisition.

Jay’s advice is sound. Social media programs are inherently communications efforts much like advertising campaigns of the past. However, the audience here is opt-in, so unless they’re already following you, they won’t see it without significant promotional activity. Social media is a more fertile ground for customer retention than customer acquisition.

For acquisition you need to market your marketing. What does that entail? Simply put: Telling the world about what you’re doing.

Let’s say you’ve launched a new flash sale or contest on your website. While neither of those are groundbreaking news for the world, they are important nuggets of information to your audience. So perhaps you enlist all of these tactics to spread the word:

On-Site Promos

  • Home page banner/advertisement
  • Category page banner/advertisement
  • Universal sidebar promotional banner
  • Overlay/Pop-Up banner on 2nd/3rd page visit
  • Top ribbon text reminder & link

Off-Site Promos

  • Pay-per-click advertisements
  • Online media/Google Ad network media purchases
  • Facebook advertising
  • Facebook promoted post
  • Direct mail piece
  • Radio advertising
  • Television advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Point-of-Sale/In-Store advertising

Public Relations

  • Trade publication outreach
  • Consumer publication outreach
  • Blogger/Influencer outreach

Community Outreach

  • Blog posts
  • Facebook posts
  • Tweets
  • Forum/Community site updates
  • Email marketing

Content Marketing

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Public speaking opportunities

Certainly, for a flash sale or coupon discount promotion, all of these aren’t necessary, nor will they work. (Please don’t pitch me a press release about your flash sale, I won’t care.) But this list should give you a nice idea of the work you have to do once the work is done.


What else would you add? The comments are yours.

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  • Dave Thompson

    Exactly! Promoting your marketing activities is as important as your marketing activities. You listed almost all the possible ways of promoting.  Great Work. 

  • Dara Khajavi

    I completely agree with this post. A great site also needs great marketing. Consumers will not know about your site unless you actively promote it. I personally believe that blogger outreach is very effective. Bloggers are usually normal people. Their endorsements are much more believable than celebrity spokespeople. 

  • Shily-Virtual Office Assistant

    This is a one stop blog. All details for marketing at a shot can be viewed.

  • Craig Kessler

    This is a more important post then people may realize.  So many brands think that just because they run a sweepstakes or have a sale, or launch a new product that a simple social media strategy is all it takes to get the word out.  Yes it helps, and yes community messages are simple and free, but there needs to be much more integrated marketing going on to be successful.  Too many times I hear, let’s tweet/Facebook and we will be good.  NOOOO…it takes multiple tactics and some $$ to make it successful.

    Dara: I agree that blogger outreach is effective with raising awareness, but personally I think it’s terrible at driving traffic.  Blogger outreach should never be sold with the intention that it’s to drive traffic.  That is false and extremely unlikely.  It’s a perk, but a small one.  Blogger outreach is a very difficult tactic to implore (I used to perform it myself) and cannot guarantee any results.

  • Martha Giffen

    Do you miss press release?  Or did I miss seeing it?

  • Samuel

    Marketing does take a lot of work!

    Thanks for telling us Jason that there is more work to do even after the product release!

  • nannasin smith

      Blogger is a very difficult tactic . 

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  • Jugraj Gill


  • Dan Auito

    Rockin Blog Jay just shared you to the masses brother.

  • jaybaer

    More and more I’ve been thinking about the offline piece of this. Live events, etc. Such a good way to make the virtual “real.” Thanks for the kind words.

    • JasonFalls

      When we (the social folks) start thinking about incorporating their (traditional and off-line) tactics as well, we’ll all be better off. Thanks for the inspiration, sir.

    • Jason Keath

      Agreed. This often falls into the PR column for a lot of folks. I love what does with their live event units, makes the promotion/idea that is trying to be pushed so tangible. 

  • Jason Keath

    You touch on it with pieces of this, but partnships would be the one category I would add. A lot of partnerships just end up with one of the things you have already listed above, but it can be more powerful than buying an email, ad, tweet, etc. 

    Great list. 

    • JasonFalls

      Great add, J. Thank you!

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