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Calling all bloggers! I’m excited to let you know that Overblog, BlogWorld & New Media Expo and Social Media Explorer are partnering to collect and then present new research on blogging at this year’s BlogWorld New York, June 4-7. But in order to have great insights to share, we need more bloggers to participate in our survey.

If you blog, whether personally or professionally, please take about 10 minutes to participate in this survey which asks some interesting questions not yet posed by other similar efforts. I’ll co-present the results with the Overblog team at BlogWorld & New Media Expo on June 7. You can have the results emailed to you if you choose to share your email address with us. (We won’t abuse that privilege.)

Start Your Survey Here

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I just finished taking the survey myself. It’s not necessarily “short” by most survey estimations, but shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Get a fresh cup of coffee and spare us a few moments, please? The more people who participate the better the data is and the more relevant insights we can share with you at BlogWorld!

And do share with your fellow bloggers! We want the information to be represent all industries, niches and levels of blogging.

And while you’re thinking about it, please enjoy Overblog’s 10% off discount to BlogWorld & New Media Expo in New York! I’ll be speaking along with dozens of other smart folks. We’d love to have you there. Just register for BlogWorld and use the discount code OVBVIP.

For the record, Overblog is a client. I’ll be helping them introduce a new blogging platform to the U.S. market at BlogWorld and beyond. To get in on the early peek beta, register at their invite site.

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  • Cathryn Hrudicka

    I started to take the survey and found I would need a lot of specific metrics from Google Analytics, Klout, etc., to even complete it. Wow, you should warn people about that ahead of time! As a result, I left the survey because it asked way too much, and gave very little or no room to say things like: “I don’t use Klout” or “my numbers vary,” etc. I would imagine that’s why you’re having difficulty getting more people to complete the survey, especially BUSY people!

    • JasonFalls

      Thanks for the feedback, Cathryn. Sorry it was too much. But thanks for letting us know. I’ll pass on the feedback.

  • Lisa Buben

    Done, it was lengthy I must say but you will probably get some really good results.

  • Sean Davis

    I took the entire survey but just keep it real from the beginning… that’s a long 5 minutes!

  • dcfemella

    Completed the survey! The only question I wasn’t sure of was one about ads.