So what would happen if we could not only vote for our favorite candidate, but vote the ones we don’t like down? That notion hit me on the way to work. I Uttered. Interested in your take.

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  • nick huhn

    Brilliant in concept though my primary concern is that – like any other online ‘voting’ platform *cough* *digg* *cough* – it is easy for a committed individual or group to game the system.

    The inherent lack of objectivity aside, I think this concept would have served as a wonderful excuse to save untold hundreds of millions of dollars on political fundraising campaigns that amounted to a waste of everyone’s time, money and attention.

    I wonder hypothetically what else could we could have done by giving those millions to deserving charities rather than having ‘electable’ candidates squander the funds in useless self-promotion?

  • Jason Falls

    Gaming the system? Digg users? Surely you jest?!

    I’m right there with you on saving us all some trouble and them some money. Of course, each candidate gets a million from Uncle Sam (read: US) to run for president, so I’m even more on your side.

    If you took all the campaign money spent by presidential campaigns over the last 20 years, we could end world hunger. Great response.

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