Altimeter Group is conducting another extensive research project around social media in the enterprise or large company. They asked if I would share that information with you in order to encourage you to participate if you fit the criteria they’re looking for. It’s important for social media decision-makers like yourself to participate in research like this because the aggregate knowledge helps move the entire industry forward.

And Altimeter Group is one of the few places that publishes their research openly without charging people thousands of dollars to see the survey results. So it’s a win-win.

If you are a business decision-maker for social media and work at a corporation with more than 1,000 employees, please access Altimeter’s survey and participate. It will take less than 20 minutes and submissions will be accepted until December 6. For participating, Altimeter Group will send you the results directly (but will not add you to any mailing list). So you’ll get to see first how other corporations are prioritizing their social business needs and strategy.

Take the survey. And thanks for helping us all get smarter about social media and social business.

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  • Magento Developer

    Now days peoples are attached with social media. we can share each and every things and also built up your knowledge. Also know What happening around you.

  • Magento Developer

    Now days peoples are attached with social media. we can share each and every things and also built up your knowledge. Also know What happening around you.

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