Just a quick post to share some pictures and thoughts from Monday night’s Internet Marketers of New York charity event to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I’ve never left a room with more business cards.


Chris Winfield invited me and he and his 10e20.com cohorts, specifically Danielle, Jake and Victor, were fantastic hosts, introducing me to folks and making a Manhattan oustider feel welcome. My man Brian Wallace and I may have been the farthest travellers for the event, though Brian hails from the NYC area he currently lives and works in Louisville with NowSourcing.com.

To list and link all the people I met and chatted with would be gratuitous, but SMX Social Media hosts Danny Sullivan and Neil Patel both made it and at least acted like they’d heard of me (Thanks, guys.).

And after spending a couple hours in an afternoon meeting with her, I was pleasantly surprised to see Evyan Mischke from Evins Communications there. She lives around the corner from Town & Tavern and stopped by to network and support the cause. Little did she know, she’d be hanging with a fellow Southerner all night … probably not what she hand in mind.

The event was sponsored by Best of the Web. I thanked Jared Del Prete, their COO, profusely for the generosity. With a little eye makeup and if you squint, he looks like Billy Joe from Green Day, but don’t tell anyone I said so.

And while there are some Flickr images imbedded here, please know that I didn’t whip out the camera and take a ton of pictures because I was too busy actually networking with people. That, and I didn’t want to look the like the tourist in the room, just browsing the SEO/SMO elite and not really belonging … even though I was.

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  • http://www.shanaalbert.com/ Shana Albert

    Hi Jason…. I was at the event as well. I got to speak with you for a few minutes and it was a pleasure to meet you. Unfortunately, I came without my business cards….but I do have yours. :)

    It was a great party.

  • http://www.jakematthews.blogs.com Jake Matthews

    Great to meet you Jason – Your blog is really resourceful, so I’m subscribing and will be back. IMNY party was a blast.

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