RSS IconI’ve popped a question on Twitter a couple of times this week asking folks for suggestions on organizing my RSS feeds. My current list includes 305 feeds and has become an overwhelming challenge from a time management standpoint. While there were some great suggestions, links and advice shared, I decided to try and solve the problem in my brain, which is always scary.

Wednesday night I decided my brain wasn’t big enough to handle this, but I needed to be more specific about the issue, so I asked my Twitter crowd a version of this, which I am now asking all of you:

If you could put 10 RSS feeds in a folder called “MUST READ” that you check first and always, which 10 would you choose?

Chances are, many of my 10 will match many of yours, but I’m looking forward to the comparison, contrast and discovery of some you might throw out that I’m not familiar with. Ultimately, you will reshape my list, so I’ll post mine after the input.

Give me your 10!

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  • Aaron Marshall

    Springwise: New Business Ideas

    Smashing Magazine

    TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

    Bokardo: Social Design



    Only had time for 6 this morning.

  • Daniel Johnson, Jr.

    I would subscribe to feeds set up to monitor my online brand as well as those related to the company I work for and its officers.

  • Paul


    Read/Write Web

    Feld Thoughts

    Union Square Ventures


    PR 2.0


    Technorati (lots of tags that I key off of…competitors, topics I’m interested in, etc.)

    Marc Andreesen’s blog (

    O’Reilly Radar

  • msandler
  • Jennifer Berk

    Little late to the party…

    Fast Company Experts
    Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog
    Influential Interactive Marketing
    Publishing 2.0
    Web Strategy by Jeremiah

  • kevin

    I don’t… Well I should say I didn’t. I had such tunnel vision with writing two blogs, school, and work. Then after blog world expo I met and discovered a lot of great social media blogs, like yours… Now I am starting to utilize the tools in front of me a little more to be a part of the conversation.

  • Jason Falls

    Hey Kevin, thanks for stopping by.

    I can understand not prioritizing RSS feeds when you’re trying to balance all those responsibilities. Good to see you’re looking into it, though. I’ve found RSS subscriptions to trim my web surfing time down considerably. That said, I can sit on the computer for hours at a time surfing, but during a typical work day, I spend about 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes midday and 30 minutes at the end of the day surfing a LOT of sites/blogs/etc. I used to spend 3-4 hours doing this a day.

    Nonetheless, welcome to the conversation here, there and everywhere. I welcome your witty responses to my attempts at humor!

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