Downtown FrederictonToday I’m traveling most of the day to visit my friends at Radian6 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada as part of a 36-hour, multi-tasking frenzy. The original purpose of the jaunt is to meet the folks at Radian6 in person, get some hands-on training with their social media measurement software and offer some feedback on the product. Of course, there are plans for videos and blog posts and even a little fun segment shooting for the Daily Idea as well.But tonight, just a couple weeks before I co-host the first-ever Social Media Club gathering in Louisville, Lisa Rousseau and David Alston of Radian6 have organized a social media gathering in Fredericton. I’m told it’s the first social media gathering in the province.

When Richard McInnis called and asked if I’d like to join , I was anxious to say yes. Gathering with friends and sharing thoughts on what we do is right up my ally. Then I saw Lisa’s Tweet about the event and realized they’d gone way overboard. Apparently I’m the guest of honor.

Check out the PR meetup page here. Or see the Radian6 blog here.

I’m flattered my presence is serving as impetus for bringing people together, but one has to question the sanity of those attending. They are braving the elements to gather and meet a guy who is voluntarily coming to Canada in the middle of winter. I can’t be all that smart.

Of course it could be they just want to hear a Southern accent in person.

When I told my friends here in Kentucky where I was going, most of them said, “Is that in Montana?” I assured them no one in New Brunswick could find them on a map with out hearing someone yell, “Yeeeee-haw!” It’s a good thing they’re not coming with me. I’m going to be a big hit in Canada, I think. Kentucky is certainly one place I’m more than qualified to joke about. I just hope they’ve all seen “Deliverance.”

I will have a talk with them about Celine Dion, however. I know she lives in Las Vegas now, but isn’t there some sort of work visa thing we can arrange to give her back? Just curious.

Marcel Lebrun, the CEO of Radian6, has threatened to take me maniac sledding or some such activity. This means that for the first time in my life, if I wrap my carcass around a tree, the hospital won’t wait for HMO approval before treating me. My wife was worried about my trip for safety reasons. Then I reminded her Canadians have kicked our ass on health care for years. Now I’m not sure if she wants me to come back or not.

I am taking along the camera, so we might just have our first real Social Media Explorer video podcasts cranking here soon. Goodness knows what might end up on camera. (I’m hoping for some hip checks.) But I can assure you one thing: I’ll be cold.

Pour some Elsinore, gang. I’m on my way.

IMAGE:Downtown Fredericton” by Chris Campbell on Flickr.

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  • Carman Pirie

    Looking forward to the meet-up tonite…. as luck would have it, you’re coming to NB during a January thaw. That bite of winter won’t be nearly as harsh…

  • Jason Falls

    Carman … I’m pumped to be coming and am trying like heck to get there. United is trying to throw up some obstacles, but I’m on my way. Can’t wait to meet you and the rest of the crew. Fun to be had!

  • Lisa Rousseau

    YeeeHawwww we’re just plumb ‘cited about you comin’ here;) So, yes, you guessed right, we rustled up all these people just so we could hear your accent;) Carman is right, you will have a very unusual NB weather day. We did that special just for you.

  • nick huhn

    New Brunswick – aint that where them bowlin balls come from?

    Rep the KY propa!

  • Some Fat Guy

    Jason, I had no idea you were out of town. You leave me out of everything :)

    You’ll survive the cold. You’re well insulated, much like I am.

    I do have a bit a different idea about the cold though, as a Michigan native living near Louisville.

    Have fun!

  • Mark Dykeman

    Jason – really great to meet you tonight!

    Signed: blue guy with green glowing brain

  • Jason Falls

    Nick and SomeFatGuy … Represent … werd.

    Mark — Likewise. Networking socially beats social networking everytime. Great to meet you and the rest of the crowd here in the Great White North!

  • Dan Martell

    I’m working on organizing the next one, and maybe the one in 3 months – any other people you might be able to recommend?

    I’d love to bring someone up from NYC? (direct flight :-).

    Let me know

  • Jason Falls

    There are some good folks in NYC. Email me. Jason at