David Finch

David Finch

Everyone at the beginning of the year who stepped to the mic and made public predictions predicted that 2009 would be all about mobile. Since then countless articles have been written and new applications have been released to maximize the mobile experience. I would also be safe to say that by the end of the year we will see mobile applications released that will completely “WOW” us.

Last weekend I broke rank with a mobile carrier that I had been with for over ten years and went out and bought an iPhone. Over the past week I’ve been outfitting my mobile toolbox.

Here are the current contents of my toolbox:

Google Reader
This is probably the online application that I use the most outside of Gmail. Being able to read, star and share on the go me makes this a must-have for any mobile toolbox. You can use the mobile browser edition of Google Reader or iPhone applications like Newstand or Feeds.

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I’m still amazed how my world has changed just because of 140 characters, but being able to fully interact with the Twitter community via a mobile device is incredible. While there are many Twitter iPhone apps, I find that Tweetie has the most functionality for me.

The Facebook iPhone application is awesome. Not only can stay I up to date with the conversations that are going on within Facebook, I also can add photos as well.

Friendfeed is an application I use to monitor conversations and links that my friends are sharing. The mobile browser version of Friendfeed works great to be able to view the activity while away from my desktop.

The LinkedIn application allows you to get updates from your network as well as all of their contact information. If you’re currently active on LinkedIn, you’ll want to add the iPhone application to your mobile toolbox.

Yammer is Twitter for companies and organizations. Yammer asks the question, what are you working on?” This application provides opportunity for collaboration within your organization. Unlike Twitter, Yammer can only be viewable by those within your company. The Yammer application for the iPhone is a great way to communicate with your team when you’re away from the office.

Evernote is the application that allows you to keep in one place everything that’s going on in your life. From notes, to recordings, to snapshots this application works great as a mind dump tool as well as a way to collect and organize your latest research material. I’ve become a big fan of Evernote and I know I haven’t even come close to all of its possibilities.

Flickr provides a very useable mobile browser application that allows you keep up with the photos from your contacts as well as search and view Flickr videos. You can also upload photos from your iPhone’s email app.

Summizer: Twitter Trend Search
Summerizer is the iPhone application for Twitter search. If you’re already using search.twiter.com then you’ll love Summizer.

Bookmarks is Delicious on your iPhone. You can browse your bookmarks as well as add bookmarks from within Safari. If you use Delicious then you’ll want to add Boomarks to your mobile toolbox.

That’s what I’ve added to my mobile toolbox. What social media applications are you using? What are your top 5 recommendations?

Leave a comment and share your mobile toolbox.

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  • http://amymengel.com amymengel

    My company pays for my Blackberry, so I don't have an iPhone (sigh). So far the only BBerry Twitter app I've come across is TwitterBerry, and it leaves a lot to be desired. Does anyone know of any alternatives?


    • http://www.davidsfinch.com David Finch

      Amy, while I've never been a Blackberry user, I have seen this recommended for those that prefer something else besides Twitterberry. Try Twibble. http://www.twibble.de/

  • http://occamsrazr.com Ike Pigott

    I'd be MUCH happier with the LinkedIn Mobile IF it allowed you to respond to invitiations to connect. FAIL.

    • http://www.davidsfinch.com David Finch

      I agree. That's the one feature it's missing. Perhaps we will see it in the update.

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  • http://bit.ly/CMA_blog jeffpontes

    I'm actually pretty impressed with Blackberry's own Twitter app…I like the way it integrates directly with my e-mail.