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Two weeks ago, I posted a call to arms for anyone who wanted to be a regular blogger here at Social Media Explorer. It was a call-to-arms for, “smart thinkers, status-quo challengers, tool reviewers and people who understand social media marketing better be about business or you’ll be flipping burgers soon.” I put an exclamation point on the post by saying, “I want to share this platform with thought fire-starters.”

Today, I have my fire-starters. Twelve new authors join Social Media Explorer now, each with a unique perspective, experiences, insights and attitude. (Yeah, I dig attitude.) I’ve asked them to challenge themselves, me and each of you, too. It’s a challenge to raise the level of conversation and discourse here, to make Social Media Explorer an intellectual stimulus for conversations around social media marketing, public relations, digital marketing, online communications, advertising and branding and more.

My challenge to you is to hold us accountable. Sure, there will be posts or topics that don’t stir the pot or challenge our thinking as well as the day before, but what I think we all want is content that doesn’t follow the crowd a chow time but still delivers smart insights to running your business or serving your clients or organization. We want to be helpful, but thought-provoking. Insightful but pot-stirrers. I think that’s what I’ve delivered in the last three years and what you expect of me. My new colleagues will have to be held to that standard.

And those colleagues are stellar. Each was chosen carefully. There are no social media gurus here. They’re all experienced and proven in business, not just blogging. They’ve served their companies, clients or passions with great thinking, smart doing and even smarter questioning over the years. We have category expertise in everything from strategic planning to humor writing, from design to coding. But more importantly, we have 13 people with a passion for learning as well as teaching. More on how they were identified in a moment.

First, and in no particular order other than ladies first (because that’s how my mother raised me) and without me, here are your new contributing authors for Social Media Explorer:



Angela Maiers



Insights and Ingenuity






The Urbane Way



Not A Pro Blog



Thought Wrestling

Broadcasting Brain



Engage (TMG Custom Media)

Really Bad Parenting Advice



Secret Sushi



Digital Solid



Occam’s Razr



Intersection Consulting



Brand Savant

And Helweh has already compiled an SME Author Twitter list for those interested:

The authors were chosen carefully. I published the call-for-authors because I wanted people who read SME and authors who wanted to write for me. I didn’t want to go begging people to contribute. I established some expectations in the post and reviewed each applicant (I wound up with over 50) for those qualities. Some of the ones I chose I was familiar with (and thrilled they raised their hands). A couple of them I didn’t know well but quickly discovered they had the qualities and experience I was hoping for. I would humbly submit that I will push them to be better than they are. They, in turn, will push me. Each of you, however, will push all of us.

And as an aside, I am not going to stop blogging. No, I won’t write every day in addition to these fine folks. My blogging will be more sporadic, but I’m not going to stop or even slow down. Having more authors means I can focus on diving deeper into some subjects and not worry that missing 2-3 days of posting will affect your expectations. What I’m doing is finding a way to provide you with more excellent content from smart people.

Thank you for continuing to count on Social Media Explorer. Hopefully these new colleagues will further your confidence in us and help you continue to learn and grow as a communicator.

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  • Mark Dykeman

    It's an honor and a pleasure.

    • Adam Helweh

      I second that.

  • DJ Waldow

    Great idea, Jason. Looking forward to some non-fishbowl voices … as long as you'll still drop in your snark a few times per week.

    DJ Waldow

  • Tom Webster

    I need a new head shot. I look much more like George Clooney than that picture would lead you to believe. Oh…sorry…Rosemary Clooney. I meant Rosemary.

  • Maddie Grant

    Awesome! Really looking forward to reading all you peeps!

  • Steve Campbell

    I see a Penn Stater up on the list. Nice! I think 1 in 12 people in the world are probably related to PSU in some way lol.

    • Ike Pigott

      Well, I am related to Penn State, in that we'll be hosting those fine Nittany Lions in Tuscaloosa this coming Saturday.

      • Steve Campbell

        And if you happen to lose to those young Lions and their true freshman quarterback, it will be a long drop down from the top of the mountain. lol

        • Ike Pigott

          I won't say that *can't* happen.

          But I will say that Penn State fans have class, win or lose.

          Good luck on Saturday – here's to a clean, injury-free game.

      • Tom Webster

        …and I actually have an M.A. from Penn State, so it's at least 2 in 12, but I'm crap at stats.

  • Jeff Larche

    I’m looking forward to it, Jason.

  • paulcastain

    Looking forward to it and I applaud you for taking things in a new direction!
    Paul Castain

  • drewmclellan


    Looks like you've selected a fine assortment of bloggers — congrats. I would like to point out that 2 of the 12 are Iowans. We grow them smart here!


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  • Heather Rast

    I'm looking forward to the new adventure contributing to SME will bring. My appreciation to Jason and my esteemed cohorts!

  • Sarah Arrow

    Well done :) That's a great list and I look forward to the upcoming blog posts.

  • MikeSansone

    A fantastic group! Looking forward to learning from the Explorers:-)

  • Patrick

    Congrats to everyone and you as well Jason, this is going to be fun to participate in this evolution of SME.

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  • Daniel_Honigman

    Congrats, Jason. Looks like you're on your way to having your own mini-Mashable. Very ambitious ;-)

  • Angela Maiers

    I am so honored and proud to be a voice in this conversation! Looking forward to meeting and learning from all of you!

  • Geanna
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