Todd Earwood and I were discussing the impressive influx of new followers we both received yesterday in the aftershock of Jeremiah Owyang’s Twitter Conversations explosion yesterday. Jeremiah asked folks interested in more connection and conversation to leave their Twitter ID and topics they were interested on his post. As of 1:20 a.m. this morning, there were 323 comments. Hence, Twitter Tuesday.

Several folks are blogging about it today or did last night, including a long time Twitter friend Doug Haslem, and folks I’ve not yet met but want to like David Armano, Nick O’Neill and Gavin Heaton.

He added some additional info as both his blog and Twitter were slammed with traffic, finally concluding:

“My assumptions were right, there really is something happening in twitter, it’s clear it’s the desire to connect and communicate.”

Twitter TuesdayTodd received a bunch more followers than did I since he got in on the activity early on. (Sorry, I was in meetings all day because I have a real job. Heh.)

But we both agreed that we need to do something other than just follow these folks who reached out. So here is my list … as complete as I could gather late last night and in alphabetical order, I think … along with some information or Falls-esque commentary on what I’ve learned about them so far.

My hope is that this will encourage you to discover them as well, expanding our conversation beyond Twitter to each other’s places online and to reach out to them to perhaps engage their interest in my blog and mine in theirs. I don’t want Jeremiah’s effort to have a long tail. I want the tail to have multiple peaks and infuse conversation both now and later.

  • Shashi Bellamkonda, an Internet junkie and thinker from D.C.
  • Trula Breckenridge, apparently the world’s No. 1 positivity enthusiast. Her blog makes you want to jog in place … even me.
  • Thu-An Bui who is really smart. She went to Swarthmore and law school at Tulane and Penn. Impressive.
  • Carlos, a video blogger (via YouTube) who goes by “hockeynuts” on Twitter.
  • Marshall Clark, a DIY-freak who takes an interesting picture … punk hair on Twitter. Constipation on his blog.
  • Adam Cohen from Boston, who is just someone else I can Twitter “Sawxx” too and not confuse.
  • Eric Friedman, a search engine marketer from New York who blogged an interesting thing about Twitter here.
  • David Gillespie from Melbourne, Australia. My only question is which footy club does he support. I’ve been to a Western vs. Melbourne match at the Cricket Grounds, David. Have you?
  • Self-described IT consulting geek, mother of one and hockey goddess Goaliegirl from I dig hockey. I dig women that dig hockey.
  • Sam Harrelson, the vice president of business development for OnCard Marketing, who I’ve seen around the web a few times (recognize the picture) but haven’t yet connected with.
  • Andrew Helms, who is wearing a University of Kentucky shirt in his Twitter avatar. Interesting. I’ll forgive him.
  • Rupert Howe, who does vlog Twitters from England … and shaves on camera.
  • Daniel Johnson Jr., who I suspect I met not through Jeremiah’s deal but because I randomly heard one of his Utterz driving into work the other day and we were both ranting about the same thing.
  • Alisa Leonard, who is a social media strategist for
  • The Kathika Travel Blog, which is mysteriously non-human, though I suspect is probably Kathryn Vercillo.
  • Rick Mahn, a Minneapolitan who is the first person I’ve encountered to use the term “social media explorer” to describe themselves (his Twitter description) besides me.
  • Mike McAllen of GrassShackRoad in the Bay Area, who has a cool blog and whose company has a cool website.
  • Darin McClure, who describes himself as a “futurist” who loves shiny new toys. (Me too.)
  • Community evangelist Will Pate. Cool title.
  • Another non-human follower, RedCarpetVictim, who bills him/herself as a snarky blogging fashionista.
  • Raleigh-Durham area web strategist Gene Smith, who needs to blog more now that his son is six months old and that’s not an excuse. He writes about Web 2.0 and its impact on Africa … very interesting stuff.
  • Teeg, a self-reported former top Stumbler at StumbleUpon who blogs tricks and tips for that particular site.
  • Jason Wehmhoener, who says he’s into “Browser Voodoo.” Cool.
  • I even found my first Romanian audience member (to my knowledge) in cristianca.
  • Oh, and I added Darren Rowse from yesterday, too. It didn’t have anything to do with Jeremiah’s thing. I just realized I wasn’t following him and that was a huge oversight on my part.

Welcome to you all. I look forward to sharing with and learning from you!

And thanks to Jeremiah for the ‘splosion.

IMAGE: Rad Jose on Flickr.

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  • Rupert

    Nicely catalogued! Must have taken some time. I was thinking about trying to make some kind of record of people, too, after getting 100 new followers yesterday. Meeting people on Twitter has changed a lot of things for me. Anyone else want to add me, I’ll add you back:

    Thanks for this, and thanks for watching me shave on Twittervlog ;)

    (You missed the T from my name, btw, not that it matters)

  • Doug Haslam

    Thanks for the link, Jason. It was quite a day, and I think I may be using Twitter a little bit differently the next few days just because my volume has changed. How much will things differ I don’t know. Twitter conversation traffic may die down in a few days.

    But the chance to connect with like-minded people — if you are interested in what Jeremiah says, then you probably touch on aspects of my interests as a social media “addict” and technology PR pro– was too good to pass up.

    New meida snacking? I Twitter-binged

  • Darin R. McClure

    Good post, My wife and I went to Blog World Expo, and we used Twitter tracking to network before we even left home. If you use it you get it.

    Do you follow me?


  • Jason Wehmhoener

    Nice summary! I’m currently counting 98 new followers from Jeremiah’s post. I’d love to add the remaining names in the comments here, but “Twitter Tuesday” happened to coincide with a Tuesday full of a larger-than-usual amount of paying work for me, so I’ll need to come back to this later on. I’ll probably be a bit quieter than usual on Twitter this week.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

  • Jason Falls

    Rupert … my bad. Will add the “T”. Welcome and thanks for posting.

    Doug – I know how you feel. Volume makes things different. I’m trying to figure out how to manage my RSS feeds better. Now I’m going to have to figure out Twitter better, too.

    Darin – I do. I’m sorry I missed meeting you at BWE. I was there as well. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we’ll meet somewhere soon.

  • Jason Falls

    Jason W — You hit me during the submit process. Paid work is more important. Check back in when you have your dolla dolla billz!

  • Andrew Helms

    Thanks Jason – I’m enjoying learning from and about so many interesting thanks to the twitter explosion.

    What is it about wearing a UK shirt that needs to be forgiven? ;)

  • Darin R. McClure

    No Worries, We had a great time. Esp the pajama party!

  • BoogeyMan

    I started following @DougH today and through him found the link to @jasonfalls and this blog. There is definitely a Twitter explosion going on, but at some point in the day I need to get some work done! Now I’ll have to check out some of these folks that you list here.

  • goaliegirl

    Hi Jason — I found a ton of great new people to follow yesterday. It was, and still is, rather exciting! I think I added and got added by around 70 new people. Now I just need to figure out how to become a more efficient twitterer!

    Thanks for the singling me out on your list! :)

  • Rick Mahn

    Jason, thanks for mentioning me along with all these great people. Yesterday was a crazy time, with each new connection a celebration of social networking. This is how it’s supposed to work, not the pretentious pre-fabricated Facebook style of networking.

    Jeremiah offered us the opportunity to interact and the context in which to do it. He facilitated the interaction, that is something that impresses me quite a bit.

    Anyway, as many have talked about – the volume coming from Twitter is very different than when we woke up on Tuesday morning. This will also allow everyone involved to learn more about how to absorb information and interact.

    Again, thanks for the link – and welcome to my Twitter train.


  • Shashi Bellamkonda


    Thanks for the mention. I will try to live up to the exhilaratingly feeling of being followed by smart people like you.

    Twitter is a powerful tool and needs a little bit of discipline which I hope to master :) Will look forward to meeting you offline possibly at a meetup or conference or if you came to the DC area .



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  • Jason Falls

    Andrew – Thanks for stopping by. Just some friendly ribbing from someone who grew up in Big Blue country, but didn’t drink the Kool Aid!

    Boogey – Welcome, my friend. Enjoy the exploration and let us know what you find!

    Goaliegirl – Any woman who digs hockey makes the list, by rule. The fact that you blog about similar interests is a bonus. Thanks for coming through!

    Rick – Thanks for the perspective. It does seem as though Twitter has now become something different. I wonder if they’re paying Owyang anything (heh).

    Shashi – I look forward to meeting as well. And don’t kid anyone — I’m not nearly as smart as I let on! Thanks for stopping by!

  • David Gillespie

    Hey Jason!

    Appreciate being part of the list! To answer your question, I’m actually originally from Queensland, and Australian “footy” is only really popular in Victoria (and in Adelaide where they have nothing better to do!). The rest of the country for the most part has no interest in it, so my enthusiasm for the sport generally revolves around tapping Victorian friends on the shoulder and whispering “…you know it isn’t actually a sport right?”

    Gets ‘em every time! =]

    Look forward to the conversations that are yet to come on Twitter; people feel free to add me and I’ll add you back!

  • Jason Falls

    David – Thanks for stopping in. I like the perspective of giving footy fans hell. Didn’t know that about the down under. Enjoyed my visit there in 2000. Was in Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns four days each. Great time.

    Am following and look forward to the conversations.

  • Alisa Leonard

    hey jason, nice post…one correction though! i’m a social media strategist for a PR/marketing firm, Attentionpr. I keep Met A Canary for fun, cataloguing the radnomocity of tweets– before the swell of the marketing community’s chatter. :)

  • Jason Falls

    Alisa — Sorry about that. Should have made a deeper dive. Looks like we do the same thing in the same part of the industry. Look forward to sharing ideas!

  • Trula

    Hi Jason! thank you for the mention, how sweet. :)

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  • Travel Social Networking

    I might somehow follow the flow here. :) Although quite some time, I hope to read what are the things that need to be shared and learned?