You could say the social media monitoring industry has been the single fastest-growing niche in the world of technology over the past three years. As more companies engage in social media, participate in conversations and launch social media initiatives, the demand to monitor what is being said and analyze that data is critical for companies to not only read and react, but also fund and staff social initiatives.

Because social media monitoring has been one of my favorite topics here on Social Media Explorer, I’m asked my opinions of the tools regularly. I try hard to review different ones as often as possible without this becoming a blog about social media monitoring exclusively. But the industry seems to be growing, and becoming more competitive, with each passing day.

As a result, I’ve decided to take a more focused approach to social media monitoring solutions to better understand them myself, offer you insights and analysis of the tools and be better poised to recommend appropriate solutions for my clients. To do so, however, first requires that I understand more about how you are using social media monitoring solutions and what makes a good solution for you and your organization. With that, I ask that you take just a few moments to fill out the survey below. I will readily share the results soon as we explore social media monitoring solutions together.

And before you navigate away, did I miss anything? Are there items relevant to social media monitoring I should be discovering that were not included in the survey. A penny for your thoughts? The comments are yours.

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Jason Falls

Jason Falls is a leading thinker, speaker and strategist in the world of digital marketing and is co-author of two books, No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing and The Rebel's Guide To Email Marketing. By day, he leads digital strategy for Elasticity, one of the world's most innovative digital marketing and public relations firms. Follow him on Twitter (@JasonFalls).

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  • jonnybgood

    I've retweeted – hope you get a good response. Happy to provide information on ASoMo (About Social Movements). We've been in this space since 2001 and working with clients around the world since 2004.
    In the USA, Nathan Gilliatt (Social Target), Marshall Sponder (webmetricsguru) and Ken Burbary have been focusing on this sector for some time.

    • JasonFalls

      Thanks a lot. I'm sure the information will be good for the companies as well as the customers. Hopefully the data will push us to all get better with monitoring.

  • Jake Rosen

    Hey Jason, definitely interested to see the results. One thing I would love to see as an additional feature along with sentiment, geotagging and the rest is exportable data that is dynamic. By that I mean taking one of the data charts, being able to embed it in my site or blog and have the data continually update so my audience can see. I know this doesn't fit most monitoring needs, but for some that are willing to share the good, bad and ugly it is a highly attractive feature.

    • JasonFalls

      That would certainly be a great feature. I'll keep that in the consideration set for what I do with all this information. Appreciate it, Jake.

  • themaria

    Great survey! You hit on a lot of points and features that we (and our customers) think are important. We at Biz360 aren't quite there yet with all the features, but just about everything on this list is on our product roadmap. I couldn't have developed a better list myself. Can't wait to see the results!

    I would also add to the list: supports other languages, sentiment measurement in other languages (important for multinational businesses).

    • JasonFalls

      Good points, Maria. Thanks for adding to the list.

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  • janiceclark

    So glad to see this post. I’ve been pouring through your blog but apparently had missed quite a few of these. This is an invaluable resource for the information hungry, and helps those of us wading through the wealth of information take an organized approach to learning.

    • JasonFalls

      Thank you, Janice. Nice of you to say.

  • kellykearney


    I love this survey. Very thorough. I have always enjoyed reading your blog posts on the different free and paid monitoring tools. I look forward to checking out the results.


    • JasonFalls

      Thanks Kelly. Hopefully, the information will lead to some good information
      for us all.

  • Luke Brynley-Jones

    One thing I've noticed is that it really depends on who's *into* monitoring as to which team/department takes the lead on it. I'd be interested to see how far usage goes beyond the marketing / comms / PR side of companies and into product management, business development or strategic management. Worth a question on “who takes the lead on monitoring?”

    • JasonFalls

      Good point, Luke. Thanks for that. I'll try to keep in mind job role the
      next time I do this. Frankly, I'd be surprised if many outside
      marketing/PR/comms are doing it. But it's worth asking. Thanks for the idea.

  • Urs E. Gattiker

    Dear Jason

    Thanks for putting this survey online.

    I tried to fill it out but after a few questions I started wondering how one could interpret these data.
    I got concerned due to the survey's design about methodological and statistical issues such as, non-response bias, halo effects, double-bareled questions and so forth.
    I am sure you will get a lot of responses but I wonder how useful the data are considering the weaknesses inherent in the survey design.

    I have outlined this in a bit more detail here:


    Thanks again for putting this online and I hope that I am wrong with the concerns I raise in the post linked to above.

    Latest blog post:

    • JasonFalls

      Thanks for the critical analysis. I'm not a market researcher. Just a guy
      looking for some specific answers. Certainly, if I were conducting market
      research for a client, I'd put a lot more thought (and someone else's
      expertise) into building a survey tool. I whipped this up in 20 minutes
      myself using Formspring to gain some insight from people using social media
      monitoring tools for my own use down the road.

      I'll certainly pay attention to the post comments, however. Thanks for the
      constructive feedback. I'm sure I'll learn a few things.

  • Louise Crooks

    Hi Jason, this survey is a bit long and complex. Can you shorten and simplify the questions without compromising your objective? If not, I would send it to your most loyal customers who would take the time to fill it in. I got a third of the way through and gave up.

    • JasonFalls

      Thanks for the feedback, Louise. First complaint I've had on length
      and there's certainly no requirement to participate. Sorry it was too
      much of a commitment for you but thanks for taking the time.

  • Tom Webster

    Thanks for this, Jason. For next time: if your list of “satisfaction” items mirrored your list of “importance” items for paid solutions, AND you filtered the responses by persons either currently paying for SM monitoring (which you asked) or people *planning* to (which I don't think you did), you could create your very own nifty x/y chart and do a little Garter-esque Magic Quadrant “chartporn” on where the SM industry is delivering, and where it is not. Depending on how robust and representative the sample is, that would be an immensely valuable graph. But, I'm a bit of a survey geek. :)

    • JasonFalls

      Thanks, Tom. Good thoughts to consider.

  • SysCommTeam

    I like the flow of the survey, quite well thought and I wouldn't consider it too long. I look forward to seeing the results though.Did you only publish the survey here? Maybe it would be better to use a variety of channels for it, as to be able to generalise the results.

  • Andrei Ionut

    It will be intresting to see how much companies care for monitoring and the amount of data analysed before and after a campaign.

  • Andrei Ionut

    It will be intresting to see how much companies care for monitoring and the amount of data analysed before and after a campaign.

  • Fadl

    Has anyone come across a comprehensive industry survey that includes dollar values of the global industry ?

  • stephanwhite

     So glad to see this post. I’ve been pouring through your blog but
    apparently had missed quite a few of these. This is an invaluable
    resource for the information hungry, and helps those of us wading
    through the wealth of information take an organized approach to

    Media Monitoring