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Social Business Strategy DNA [Infographic]

by · September 13, 2013

This infographic was inspired by “The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy“, an e-book co-written by Brian Solis and Charlene Li from the Altimeter Group.

Using a blend of research and real world client data, Solis and Li have established a social business strategy DNA – a set of strategic characteristics that are common among successful social organizations.

The book highlights seven success factors, including social business best practices, pitfalls, and practical exercises to help guide you – all in an easy to consume format (~100 pages).

Does your organization have a social business strategy in place? Which of the seven success factors below are proving to be the most challenging? The comments are yours.


A Quick Primer on Social Business Strategy

by · July 20, 2013

Charlene Li and Brian Solis have penned a nice e-book that can help you better understand what a social business strategy is and judge whether or not your social efforts are, in fact, strategically focused. With the Altimeter Group’s normal quality of basing their assertions in research and case studies, The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy outlines what you need to have for a solid strategic approach. It’s a nominal fee e-book (less than $4 for Kindle or Nook) and well worth the time and dollars invested. At just 100 pages, it won’t be a lot of sacrifice to learn a bit.


8 Step Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

by · March 27, 2013

Although social media continues to thread its way into the fibre of more and more organizations, my experience is that many small to mid-sized companies are still lagging behind when it comes to the development and implementation of their social media strategies.

A recent study by the Altimeter Group might suggest otherwise, stating that “most companies feel they have fairly coherent social strategies”, but given the advanced nature of the sample i.e. social strategists, large organizations, etc. my sense is that the findings may not represent the experiences of the majority of companies that are using social media.


Social Media Measurement Model [Infographic]

by · May 24, 2012

As social media becomes more widely accepted as a business tool, organizations embracing the medium are slowly becoming more adept at creating content and engaging with their audiences. The next step for organizations that are comfortable with the content side of things is the development of a strategy and tactics to measure the performance of their social media activity.

The following model is a work in progress that aims to build on a social media measurement framework developed by John Lovett and Jeremiah Owyang. Here are some notes about the model components:


Enterprise Social Media Decision-Makers Wanted

by · November 17, 2011

Altimeter Group is conducting another extensive research project around social media in the enterprise or large company. They asked if I would share that information with you in order to encourage you to participate if you fit the criteria they’re looking for. It’s important for social media decision-makers like yourself to participate in research like this because the aggregate knowledge helps move the entire industry forward.

And Altimeter Group is one of the few places that publishes their research openly without charging people thousands of dollars to see the survey results. So it’s a win-win.


Altimeter Offers Social Media Championing Research With Strategist Report

by · November 10, 2010

Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group released a report today called, “Career Path of the Corporate Social Media Strategist.” It’s the result of months of research and interviews with enterprise-level (companies of 1,000 or more employees) social media strategists and those that counsel them. The report is, to my knowledge, the first deep look into the emerging role of the social media decision-makers at companies around the world.


Social Business Model – The Sunflower

by · September 16, 2010

In order to tap into the true potential of social media, businesses will have to make a cultural investment – and begin the process of evolving into social organizations.  This integration of social communication within/across organizational ecosystems is becoming a more tangible possibly as companies and non-profits begin to embrace emerging technology while developing more strategic approaches to social media.