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Amber Naslund

Be Prepared as Digital Natives Demand the 4 Hour Work Week Lifestyle

by · December 4, 2012

After spending 15 years in Corporate America it didn’t take long for me to realize that my generation,  Generation X, quickly fell into the traditions of our parent’s generation, the Boomers. We all commute to work in our high rise buildings, we peer our heads over our desk in North Cubeland, we work 9-5, take our 2-4 weeks of vacation each year, and spend most of our days in conference rooms having meetings about our meetings. In the last decade we’ve started to see innovations with flexible work schedules, work from home options and creative work spaces. As Gen Xers this was liberating and we began to feel like we had work life balance.


Using MBTI® to Build Effective Social Media Teams

by · April 22, 2011

As social media starts to weave itself into the fiber of corporate culture, companies are beginning to recognize the need to make organizational changes in order to evolve as social businesses. One area where this is gaining importance is Human Resources. The emergence of new social media roles and how they are integrated into the structure of an organization can have a huge impact on the success of social business initiatives.

As businesses begin to experiment with assembling social media teams some will leverage existing employees, using a corner of the desk approach to gradually embed learning and build capacity, while others will look to hire new staff. Either way, how do you know which employees are best suited for these new roles?


Your Next Favorite Book: The Now Revolution

by · February 7, 2011

I struggle to read books sometimes. The only ones I fly through are those with some modicum of engaging writing style and about baseball. Some books it takes me months to get through just because I have the attention span of a gnat.

But on Tuesday of last week I picked up my hot-off-the-presses copy of The Now Revolution by my friends Amber Naslund and Jay Baer. I started reading on a flight from Tampa to Austin. It was 3:05. I put it down, completely read, cover-to-cover, at 4:45. I didn’t even stop to pee.


Creating Social Media Rituals

by · February 6, 2009

David Finch

David Finch

Yesterday, I gave a presentation at a social media bootcamp to a group of non-profit organizational leaders on the entrance phase of social media. Like all events like these, and I’m sure the same for the events that you’ve participated in, comes a common question:

“How long does this take?”

I understand for small organizations with limited budgets the thoughts that run through the minds of their leaders when someone suggests the time that they spend on microblogging sites, such as Twitter as well as other social media sites. Hiring new team members or freeing up current members can seem daunting especially if they are still wrestling with how much return are they going to have on this investment of time and personnel.