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The B2B Sales Power Punch

by · June 18, 2013

Marketing has been shining the spotlight on the power of social media over the last few years. It’s been effective as we’ve seen budgets for social media and content marketing increase with hockey stick proportions. Now it’s time to add a new team in the race and look at how these tools can be used to drive sales in the organization. That means we need to take a hard look at where the sales team fits in the mix. I know a few of you just visibly cringed as you think of letting your sales team loose on social media channels, but the reality is that many of them are already there. If we don’t start empowering our sales teams with the knowledge they need to successfully use social media there will definitely be plenty to cringe about. I’ve always been a big believer in aligning sales and marketing to drive more sales because it’s in everyone’s best interest for the company to make more money. It isn’t an “us versus them” conversation anymore. We are all “them” and it’s time to band together to make some awesome together.

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Autodesk Scores a Home Run with Gamification

by · November 8, 2012

When most people think about social media they immediately jump to Facebook or Twitter. However, some of the best companies are looking at social media in a different way. They are spending time figuring out how they can leverage social behaviors with their audience to meet their goals. Autodesk is doing just that. Rather than only focusing on social networks, they are taking social integration to a new level. They are building it into core decision points in their prospect lifecycle. Figuring out how to deeply integrate social elements into a company’s products, services, and business processes is where the most innovative companies are moving and Autodesk is certainly leading the charge in their industry.


Exploring Today’s Karaoke of Marketing

by · August 19, 2012

Explore hit Minneapolis this week for two days. In thirty-six hours, 250 people listened to the two-day event and heard ideas, tips, trends, best practices and rants covering today’s world of marketing.

As Explore founder Jason Falls welcomed the crowd representing professionals leading digital marketing efforts for SMBs and big corporate brands he challenged the speakers to go big with ideas. He warned the audience members that the two-day exploration would be “fast and furious” with some sessions lasting only 20 minutes. And then, the first keynote, Jay Baer took the stage.


3 Mission Critical Reasons to Convert Fans and Followers into Email Subscribers

by · February 28, 2012

It isn’t difficult to put together a strategy to convert fans and followers into something you actually own — email subscribers. But too many are putting the effort on the backburner in favor of figuring out a new popular social network. Converting fans and followers to email subscribers is just smart. The benefits exceed those found with preserving your investment in social activity. The benefits are also found in what you do with the email database on an on-going basis.

Here are three reasons you should start taking email acquisition seriously and make it one of your top goals for 2012.


What Zappos Insights Can Teach Us About Social Media Values

by · November 17, 2011

Do you still have people in your company who are scared of letting employees tweet? Is social media still viewed as a “risky” venture? Are you terrified of what an employee might say on a social media channel? There is no shame in admitting that social media can open a huge door to embarrassment and even risk for a company, if it is placed in the wrong hands. Getting comfortable with letting our guard down is a process that doesn’t happen overnight and that journey can take longer than many of us would like.


Is your Agency Social? You better find out soon!

by · April 1, 2011

I recently conducted an interesting test. I was interested in finding a public relations firm that really “got” social and could help integrate some social media and PR strategies.

So, I sent a tweet. It was something to the affect of…”Does anyone know of any good PR firms that really get social? #PR #socialPR #publicrelations”


Online Customer Engagement is a Myth

by · September 10, 2010

The Social Media Echo Chamber clamors that as business owners, we need to embrace the new media, be transparent, join the conversation and engage with our customers. That sure does have a smooth and flowery pitch. Accordingly, that is how it works for your business. Launch a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter account, a blog and let the customer engagement begin. Your over-satisfied and happy customers will flock to your digital pasture with stimulating and fulfilling “engagement.”

Not So Fast With That Advice


Best Practices In Social Media Marketing: Embrace Your Audience

by · September 2, 2008

Mitch Joel’s Best Practices in Social Media Marketing Writing Project found its way to my inbox from Mike Keliher, a frequent commentor and digital friend. Yes, it’s a meme and no, I don’t particularly like memes, but this one is certainly a useful one. Since Mike asked, I thought it best to respond with a best practice in social media marketing. Keep in mind Joel asked that each person who participates pick one, several folks have gone ahead of me with great best practice ideas and, well, I enjoy bringing something different to the table.