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Are Genetics the Key to Personalized Healthcare?

by · March 11, 2014

There was one session that really stood out for me at #SXSW this year. Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23 and Me addressed all of the controversy surrounding their genome mapping product head on. takes the saliva from their customers and maps a slice of their DNA. They map everything from your ancestry, your drug response, your disease risk to your inherited conditions and traits. And they do it for a price that is shockingly low, $99.


The Six Biggest Trends In Social That Will Blow Your Mind

by · January 6, 2014

Around this time of year, you’ll see plenty of year-end recaps and next-year previews, but I’m about the bigger picture. Not what’s coming up in the next year, but the next five or ten years. These are the six Macro-Trends that will encompass not only social media, but marketing and society in general. These Macro-Trends can then be matrixed across one another to create some Micro-Trends as well.

While some folks are still figuring out SoLoMo, Social Graph or Owned-Paid-Earned, these are the larger trends at play. Businesses and marketers need to understand how these trends affect users to be prepared for these major shifts in Social Media.


Introducing One:Me Marketing

by · October 17, 2013

Lately I have been gazing into my crystal ball trying to conjure the future of digital marketing. And, you know what I see, I see a day when we can create experiences that are so real time, offers so personal that we embark on the age of what I call One:Me Marketing. One:Me Marketing is something that I have been talking about and writing about for nearly a year. It is the next step in our marketing evolution. Right now, we are elbow deep in one-to-one marketing. We used to and still engage in one-to-many marketing. And with the advent of open social platforms, the promise of One:Me can be realized.


Everything you think about Big Data is wrong!

by · October 3, 2013

Every day there is a new post about the impact of big data on marketing. In fact, most people in marketing leadership are concerned about what they are going to do about big data. It is challenging to understand and as a profession, we are working really hard to make heads and tails of the ones and zeroes. The Holy Grail that big data promises to deliver is that we marketers will have insanely tailored insights about our consumers so that we can get our messages in front of them at that zero moment of truth.


Big Social Data: The Second Era Starts

by · September 11, 2013

In case you missed the memo and the pre-recorded fanfare: we’ve just entered the second era of social media marketing. The first era was all about figuring out just what kind of beast had been released into the world and how it would ravage (and inseminate) marketing as we knew it. Marketing archaeologists of the future will have a ball reconstructing the period we’ve just been through – The Dawn of Social – and watching as homo-marketus erectus (well that’s how it affected me) groped around in the maelstrom. They’ll also love the way such a dramatic change revealed the character of the modern marketer (it ain’t flattering). In short, we’ve all been falling over ourselves to monetize the shit out of this sucker.


Why You Are Ignoring The Most Important Data

by · April 11, 2013

Business is having a love affair with big data. In the last few months it seems that every conference and webinar I come across has “big data” on the agenda.

Big data is the allure of more. More information. More access to behavior. Opportunities for more sophisticated analysis.  The thinking goes likes this: If we know every move people make then we not only know everything,  but we can predict everything.  As business people we love it because the information is finite, scalable and measurable.


What You Need To Know About Big Data

by · December 12, 2012

Chances are, you’re not a data analyst for the federal government, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, AT&T, NASA or Google. Provided my guess is right, here’s what you need to know about Big Data: Nothing. Ignore it. It won’t effect you … at least in your job.

Still, around every corner is another businesstech or social prognosticator saying that Big Data is the next big thing. Certainly, for international retailers needing to understand META trends in purchase behavior and governments (from local to Federal) around the world trying to understand infrastructure issues like transportation surface decay and crime rate fluctuations, Big Data is important. To think it isn’t would be ignorant. But for 99.9% of all professionals, especially marketers, Big Data is an infuriating waste of brain power. Don’t try to understand it or solve it or see how it applies to your business. It won’t.


Five Social Media Trends for 2013

by · December 6, 2012

You be the judge – did I hit my 2011 and 2012 predictions correctly? Assuming the answer is yes, I’m going to try and go three-for-three with this year’s crop of prognostications.  While these are all broader marketing trends, I’ve outlined what I think you, the social media marketer (or digital marketer), should give some brainspace to in 2013.

Transmedia Storytelling

We’re starting out with a content-focused trend. I felt that 2012 was all about content marketing, and 2013 will be no less so, but it’s gonna get a bit more complicated. It’s not enough anymore to just put out great content in your blog. Brands (and individual bloggers) will need to start ramping it up and telling their stories across multiple platforms, from blog to video to Twitter and back around again.