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Ultimate Guide to Blog Comments [Infographic]

by · December 11, 2013

When done properly, leaving comments on other people’s blogs can be an effective way for bloggers to build relationships, increase brand awareness and grow readership.

The infographic below was inspired by The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Comments on Blogs, a great post written by Darren Rowse of Problogger.

This visualization highlights the benefits of leaving blog comments, describes the four different personality types of blog commenters, and lists the DOs and DON’Ts of effective blog commenting.

I’d love to get your thoughts. Are there any other points you would add? What are some of your positive or negative experiences with blog commenting?


Blogging is Good — In Moderation

by · March 25, 2011

After years of hearing about these “blog” things, you finally broke down and got a new website for your company. And you discovered that your site was actually a “blog” cleverly disguised as a site … one that you could edit and update without having to pay additional fees to your designer.

You wrote articles and essays designed to appeal to your clients, and after a few weeks a trickle of comments came in.

Those early comments are so important — there’s nothing quite like the validation from outsiders who confirm that you’re having an impact. Why risk running off those commenters by putting them through moderation?


How To Comment Without Selling

by · August 20, 2010

Someone asked me a question about blog commenting recently that I thought peculiar. It’s a question that many brands, marketers and public relations folks have asked, for sure. But for whatever reason, the question just seemed odd to me. The person asked:

“What is the best way for a corporation to comment on a blog without seeming to promote their products?”

The root of the question is the company’s desire to not be spammy with their blog comment activities online. I’m thrilled marketers are asking that question. But it still seems peculiar to me. Maybe my perspective is a bit different, but here’s how I answered:


Google Force Feeds Social Media On The World

by · September 25, 2009

Wednesday’s unveiling of Google Sidewiki did something pretty eye-opening. It forced every company in the world with a website to get hip to social media and do it now.

Essentially, anyone who downloads a browser toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer, with one for Google’s Chrome soon to come, can add comments and notes to a sidebar expansion of any website. Even yours. Without your permission or even knowledge.

And remember what Google does best … serves up relevant advertising in search results. I would expect your competitors will have the opportunity to place their ads on your Sidewiki soon, too. (Of course, you would be able to place yours on theirs, too.)