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Using Analytics to Plan Great Content

by · August 28, 2012

If you’re a digital marketer and don’t log into analytics at least weekly, shame on you. You’re missing information that can help you make better decisions, even in tasks and roles that seem pretty far removed from reporting.

Most marketers associate Google Analytics with periodic reporting of traffic. Those who are responsible for tracking revenue or media buys may look at conversions or traffic source performance. But the data in Google Analytics can help content strategists, community managers and others in a more editorial role, too.


Professional Editing Comes To The Masses With Scribendi

by · June 5, 2012

A professional editor and proofreader has typically been reserved for big media companies or agencies. But now there’s a low-cost editing and proofreading service available to anyone — journalists, corporate communicators, bloggers and writers of anytime — in Scribendi.

We’re proud to welcome Scribendi to Social Media Explorer as a new sponsor. You can see their advertisement over there on the sidebar, but as always, we decided to test and review the service before we welcomed them to the endorsement category. Yesterday’s post on Minimum Viable Products was actually proofread and vetted using Scribendi.