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Five Reasons to Blog Offline

by · November 9, 2012

Ike… you’re crazy, man! The whole purpose of social media is being social, right? Why would you have a blog and not share it with anyone?

Great question. So let’s answer that by going back to the roots of the word “blog.”

Blog = (we)blog, or “web log.” Technically speaking, a blog is any online tool that you update frequently. Preferably, it has built-in resources and features that make updates easy. There’s nothing inherent in that definition that assumes “community,” or “comments,” or for that matter, “visibility.”

So here are some reasons you ought to keep on offline blog:


How to Choose a Blogging Platform

by · September 26, 2012

According to Wikipedia, the term “blog” has been around since 1999. I’ve personally been blogging since 2004. Over the years, I’ve test-driven dozens of blogging platforms, including some social network/blogging hybrids like Tumblr and Posterous. Some of the blogging solutions I’ve used in that time are still around, while some have faded into “web 2.0″ oblivion.


SoLoMo Show Ep 33: What’s New in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How Social Affects Your Page Rank

by · August 25, 2012

The SoLoMo Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Adam Helweh and Cory OBrien. Each week they discuss topics, trends and tactics related to social, local and mobile marketing.


In Defense of Lists: Why People (Secretly) Love List Posts

by · July 10, 2012

Nothing rolls cynical eyes faster than the promise of understanding a complex issue with a quick and easy-to-read list.

And nothing will get eyes to glaze over more effectively than “yet another list post.”

“Top 10 lists are a tool of the Devil.”

“They’re usually bite-size chunks of nonsense.”

“List posts are now a big red warning for me that I’m being suckered.”

Everyone must hate list posts. Or so the echo chamber would have you think.


Think Like a Startup, Act Like a Blogger

by · February 22, 2012

The best startups focus unwaveringly around one thing: solving a real-world problem.

The best bloggers focus intensely on another thing: participating and publishing in social media.

Combine the two and your organization has a simple framework for success in the digital space.

Think like a startup: What problem are we truly trying to solve?

Startups launch fast, get feedback, and react quickly. When Yelp first launched, the platform’s focus was getting friends to email each other requests for their recommendation of a service. While that idea fell flat with their audience, the concept of social business reviews did catch on and the site became a huge success.


In Social Media, The Fine Line Between Nimble And Fickle

by · February 9, 2012

study by The Center For Marketing Research declared, “blogging declines as new media rules.” Based on results of a survey sent to the Inc 500, the article states, “there is clearly a shift in how these nimble companies are communicating.”

If it is true that blogging is on the decline, then I’d say these companies are more fickle than nimble. Throwing over — or not starting a blog because it’s easier to use Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is short-sighted and risky. A blog may be an “old” form of social media but it has five benefits that the newer platforms can’t touch.


What Role Do You Want Social Media to Play in Politics?

by · August 5, 2011

Last Friday Mashable reported that President Barack Obama’s recent #compromise campaign actually cost him over 36,000 followers. Was it an example of how “not” to use social media to move a political agenda or was it a great example of how to spark conversation amongst constituents? I’m sure that’s going to be an open debate for awhile. While we consider the thought of whether Obama and his social media team made the right decision with the campaign, it opens an even bigger question. What is social media’s role in politics? Where do we want to see social media in the political conversation?


That Website Ain’t Gonna Visit Itself

by · June 28, 2011

If you build it, they will, well, probably go somewhere else.

Your target audience probably doesn’t share the same level of enthusiasm that you have toward your new website/redesign/mobile app/digital venture. More than likely, they won’t even notice. They’ll go about visiting their normal destinations online; checking Facebook, maybe Twitter, and dipping into their pool of RSS subscriptions.

But your target audience almost definitely won’t just come to your website because it happens to be there.

Launching your endeavor is a big first step. But it’s just the beginning of a long, long marathon.


What Can You Expect From Your Corporate Blog?

by · March 24, 2011

The first rule of measurement is know your objectives so you know what to measure.  That said, it’s a challenge to decide on objectives for a blog when you don’t know what the possibilities are.  At Lion Brand Yarn Company, we outlined objectives before we launched our blog in 2008, but what we discovered was that we would benefit in ways that we did not imagine.

Of all forms of social media, blogging can be the most time intensive. It is also a tool that requires a sustained, long-term effort. But therein lies the power of this tool. Developing a rich bank of content that serves our audience has been an important asset to our company. Here are five benefits of blogging that we have enjoyed: