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10 Tips to Maximize Event Coverage Via Video

by · July 25, 2012

As companies seek new opportunities to grow the value of event investments, live event reporting is emerging as an expert service that mashes up the virtues sought by traditional PR, SEO and advertising agencies. Video coverage is one way event professionals are promoting and amplifying event content.

Limiting event coverage to a video camera on a tripod that records or streams the event live may not bring the optimal outcome needed to grow the exposure of your event. To maximize the ROI for your next event, you can set the stage for success with live video streaming added to the mix of your live event coverage.


Blogger Social Takes Social Networking Off-Line

by · February 6, 2008

There’s nothing quite as exciting to me than connecting with people. The Internet offers multitudes of ways to do it. You can meet cool folks who share interests, be challenged by those who sometimes disagree with you and all avenues in between.

But I’m a social person at heart. I like shaking people’s hands, laughing at their jokes and slapping them on the shoulder. I like sharing a meal (or a cocktail or three) with a real human being, not digital banter with a two-dimensional avatar. I’ve written
before about how networking socially (my term for off-line social networking) is imperative to growing your blog, your influence and yes, your business, whether on-line or off.