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Five Reasons to Blog Offline

by · November 9, 2012

Ike… you’re crazy, man! The whole purpose of social media is being social, right? Why would you have a blog and not share it with anyone?

Great question. So let’s answer that by going back to the roots of the word “blog.”

Blog = (we)blog, or “web log.” Technically speaking, a blog is any online tool that you update frequently. Preferably, it has built-in resources and features that make updates easy. There’s nothing inherent in that definition that assumes “community,” or “comments,” or for that matter, “visibility.”

So here are some reasons you ought to keep on offline blog:


If Your Content Doesn’t Excite You, It’s Time To Rethink

by · August 6, 2012

Ask yourself if the content you provide on your blog, social channel or email newsletter excites you. And don’t just say, “Of course, it does! I write it!” and dismiss the question. Actually take yourself out of your own mindset and worldview for a moment. Put yourself in the mindset of a customer. Now does it?

Occasionally, you’re going to answer, “no.” You’re going through the motions and pounding out content, but it’s become stale, predictable or just average. It’s not that it’s always bad … but it doesn’t stir emotions. It doesn’t spark other ideas or actions (like sharing). It doesn’t make you say, “Holy Smokes!”


Burn Your Corporate Blog And Get Published

by · July 4, 2012

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Jonathan Gebauer. He is the co-founder and CEO at exploreB2B, a German company.

Exemplary corporate bloggers and content marketers give us the impression that blogging is the answer. These are the men and women who continually publish great content on their blogs, drawing thousands of readers’ daily. Many treat these thought leaders as celebrities (Brian Clark at Copyblogger, Robert Scoble, Brian Solis) and give us the impression that, we too, can establish this level of professional blogging influence.

This assumption, today, crashes and burns. Though strangely, it is still highly promoted.


The Power of A Blog

by · January 26, 2012

Why are blogs such a powerful communications tool in the arsenal of a company? There are lots of reasons, really. But the explanation I’ve used that normally gives those who don’t quite understand blogging have their “ah-ha” moment is a simple one. To understand the power of a blog you have to compare it to something familiar.

Think about your company newsletter. If you’re not that hip to blogging yet, your company newsletter is probably still printed and circulated in everyone’s box in the mailroom. Or maybe it’s mailed to everyone’s house. But in some form or fashion, some printed piece of information is circulated monthly or bi-weekly to everyone in the company. There are pictures of new hires, company softball team news, maybe even some tips and tricks articles for the sales team and a list of birthdays.


What To Do When Goliath Comes To Town

by · January 18, 2011

I have been thinking about content marketing lately and when we may see a change in the current environment. As a society, I don’t think we are very keen at understanding highs and lows or the top or bottom of trends and what is changing around us. For any readers old enough to remember, when you used to pull your car into a “filling station” someone pumped your gas, cleaned your windshield and checked your oil. Somewhere that faded away, never really to be seen again. And no one asked if that was okay, it just happened.

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