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I’m Afraid For Public Relations. Here’s Why.

by · March 10, 2014

The tech success of fleeting entrepreneurs like Brian Acton and Jan Kourn has tainted the business world. The WhatsApp’s are the darlings of the entrepreneurial world. Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before them, these fleeting tech startups that are great at collecting users but awful at collecting revenues are covered ad nausem by Wired, Fast Company, Inc., and others. They have led many an entrepreneur to believe all they need to be a billionaire is a neat idea and a couple of decent engineers.


Three tricks get out of the social weeds

by · January 23, 2014

Q1 is such a great time of year for me. I am so full of energy. Ready to tackle new challenges. I am full of hopes of new customers, plans to connect with them and strategies to engage with them. So hopeful. So hopeful, indeed. It isn’t until about midway through Q1 that I start to notice that as a group, we tend to get mired in the weeds and details. Sifting through content calendars, blog posts, social updates and Twitter responses. We became very busy with how things are worded and legal approvals. And before the smell of spring is in the air, we are so standing so close to the proverbial tree, staring so intently that we are getting a bark imprint on our face.


Understanding The Direct vs. Brand Marketing Conflict

by · September 30, 2013

The direct-response marketer is a hard nut to crack. He believes strongly that there is one way to communicate with an audience: Make an offer.

Certainly, he will concede that you have to have customer service, but this is a gnat-like cost of doing business. It’s not real marketing communications to the direct-response marketer because it doesn’t bring with it the important metrics of response rate and conversion rate. If it has those, then it’s real.


Your Brand’s Biggest Challenge

by · September 6, 2011

The biggest challenge your brand faces in its social media marketing success has nothing to do with Facebook. It doesn’t even have anything to do with technology. In fact, the biggest challenge your brand faces in business, not just marketing, is your ability to understand one simple tenant: It’s not an end sum game.

You have customers. You also have prospective customers, on- and off-line. Your competition does, too. And they will tomorrow. So will you.


Has Now-ism Killed Marketing?

by · August 19, 2011

As consumers we’re drawn to products and services that are:

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Inexpensive

Walk down the aisle of any electronics or grocery store. You’re greeted with a sea of bright boxes, eye-catching imagery, and alluring claims. Starbursts, even.

Does any of that actually work? Does the most intuitively designed, highly functional, best-made product make the sale? Does the celebrity endorsement tip the scale? As marketers, we’d like to think so (otherwise, what’ve we got to work with?). But is it remotely realistic to think this way?

What really motivates people to buy?


Brand Evangelist Jobs: An Oxymoron?

by · September 17, 2010

Good morning, folks! My name is Jordan Cooper and I’m the official brand ambassador of this blog and the appointed evangelist of Social Media Explorer and the legend himself, Jason Falls. How can I help you today?

Wait … before you answer that question, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about the awesomeness of this blog. We’ve got killer posts here that are jaw-dropping in quality. Our content is like none other and written by authors that completely transcend the industry – like Adam what’s-his-face and Ike Spigot (or is it Faucet?).