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Brian Carter

Why Facebook Should Judge Content Quality

by · September 9, 2013

My friend Brian Carter wrote a thoughtful criticism of Facebook’s new content quality analysis over at Convince and Convert last week. In it, he said that Facebook shouldn’t be judging content quality and that doing so will hurt small businesses.

Fundamental to Brian’s argument was the notion that Facebook is now going to punish lower-quality posts from businesses that try to “game” their way into the newsfeed. The way most are reporting this news, that means photo memes — text over photo elements that are easy, visual and like-worthy pieces of content — are now going to be judged bad by Facebook.


Explore. The Next Generation Event for Social Media and Digital Marketing

by · January 22, 2013

Let’s face it. We’re into this whole social media and digital marketing thing pretty deep. Many of us have been in the trenches for enough time to know the basics. When we see social media 101 or digital marketing 102 we throw up a little bit in our mouths. Not because it isn’t valuable information, but because we’ve surpassed the need for fundamentals.