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Every Tuesday is #GivingTuesday at Social Media Explorer

by · December 10, 2013

So #GivingTuesday was last week. The big push to encourage us all to focus on making the world a better place was for whatever reason focused on Dec. 3. But at Social Media Explorer, we have made it a point to celebrate wonderful non-profits and causes every Tuesday.

We don’t need an organized day on the calendar to give.

Nichole Kelly started SME off on the giving path last Christmas. Since then, C.C. Chapman and Marc Pitman, two of the most incredibly kind and passionate people you’ll meet, have given us profiles of dozens of organizations and causes to support. If you’d like to review, we’ve got a whole category of #GivingTuesday posts here.


Blog Monetization Without Advertising

by · April 29, 2013

Is it possible to monetize your blog, website or digital presence without advertising? Certainly it is, but only in certain contexts. Consultants or businesses can focus their energies on providing thought leadership and educational posts with the thought that interested parties will reach out to them to hire if and when they need the help. The organic content leads to search engine results which leads to traffic which leads to leads, and so on.


Saying Yes to the Unexpected

by · December 14, 2012

By the time this goes to press, the latest career news for Jason Falls and me will be public.  Our move to CafePress is exciting. It means that we’ll be able to explore, in depth, the intersection of social technology and retail marketing in a large-scale ecommerce application.

This is exciting for so many reasons. Several years ago, I described SEO as “copywriting with a scoreboard.” Talented marketers shouldn’t ever be afraid of having their work measured against an objective standard, and there’s no more hard proof of ROI than having your work tied directly to online sales. A recent article from The Next Web says that the largest online retailers have been slower than the rest of the web to adopt social technologies, like social login. CafePress is making a big commitment to that adoption, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.