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Let it go

by · March 16, 2015

Our customers are getting more and more savvy and honestly fed up with our tactics. We make an effort to impede their progress at every turn. We have ads in front of them all day. They know we are subsidizing their free social networks. They go out of their way to skip ads, block posts, and so on. In fact, a Pew study from 2013 that said 86% of internet users have taken steps online to remove or mask their digital footprints.” The number 1 reason: hackers. The number 2 reason: ads! We were put in the same bucket as hackers, friends.

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Four innovation traps to avoid

by · July 3, 2014

We work with a number of very large organizations that strive to innovate in their category. Innovation is an awesome buzzword. One that gets shareholders excited. There are in fact whole departments at some companies dedicated to innovation. In addition to large organizations, I’ve also been involved with start ups of late who have laid out their sole purpose to change the way things are done in various industries…you, know disruptors. And these two entities, large companies and small startups do things so completely differently, but the ones that really come through and innovate and disrupt, they have either avoided these traps, or were nimble enough to escape the trap quickly and adjust.


Manufacturing change for 2014

by · January 9, 2014

Generally speaking, humans dislike change. And the hard part is that change is a constant. The New Year brings change and with that a little anxiety. It is hard for people to change. Really hard for businesses to change. Monumental to industries to change.

Last month, I delivered a webinar that was future-casting some developments in the recruiting space. This industry is oft maligned for being very slow to change. So, naturally I was asked how long it would take HR to adapt to my topic…or anything for that matter? It was at that moment I realized there are a few ways change can happen in a frictionless way. I realized this because I was part of the industry shift that took recruiting online. Getting people to stop using newspapers and start using online job postings was one of my earliest roles in the industry.


Tools, Process and Culture…Oh My!

by · December 26, 2012

Everywhere I go and speak, I ask the same two questions before I start my presentation.  The first question I ask is, “How many of you trust social media as a data source to make business decision?  Please raise your hand if you do.”  You know how many people’s hands go up after I ask this question?  About 5-10% of the room.  And when I ask this question, the room is filled with at a minimum 100 people all the way to 500 people.  After asking this question, I follow it with a second one.  I ask, “Ok, so when you are thinking of buying a new electronic device or appliance or picking a restaurant to make a decision, how many of you go to the web first to collect information to make your decision?”  Now everyone’s hand goes up.  Well at least 98% of them…the other 2% are sleeping.


A New Look, A New Outlook

by · March 29, 2008

Social Media Explorer LogoWelcome to the new look of Social Media Explorer. No, the layout hasn’t really changed, but we now have a logo and we no longer have our masthead in the clouds, even if there is a funky image cut-off I’m still trying to fix. The change comes on the heels of several months of changes for me and some I think you’ll either notice, or find refreshing if you’re a regular reader of this blog.