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Only Birdbrains Bet $4,000,000 on the Super Bowl

by · January 27, 2013

It’s the Super Bowl—at the Superdome.

Super bros John and Jim Harbaugh lead their teams into the battle by the bayou. Everything’s supersized: the anticipation, the audience, the ticket prices, the parties, the halftime show, and the media coverage.

Of course, the enormity of the game dwarfs any other one-day clash in all of sports. And then there’s that other super showdown, the mega-million dollar mêlée where the titans of television advertising dig deep into their imaginations and deeper still into their piggy banks to vie for, uh… um…

Sales? Brand awareness? Laughs? Press?


Social Media Lessons From Mad Men

by · April 3, 2012

In the sixties, when Mad Men ruled, creative content took a long time to produce.  Agencies concepted, polished and pitched. Clients reviewed.  Agencies filmed, edited and delivered.  It took months for print and television ads to see the light of day.

In the age of real time marketing, whether you engage an agency or not, day-to-day you are the agency.  The people you talk to online are the clients.

Every post is a pitch. Every post is a chance to win the hearts of your clients.


Double Down on Facebook Marketing

by · January 31, 2012

I have been thinking about the value of Facebook fans lately, and how they stack up against other types of online and digital marketing payoffs. The problem with getting to an answer to the value of a fan, and what many small business owners face when trying to sort out what square to place their marketing dollars on, is the array of mismatched direction.

Small businesses aren’t very good at increasing their Facebook fan base. So even though they may be following all of the “rules of the Facebook road,” they aren’t seeing much if any return on their effort.