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Does the wrong department own social?

by · November 14, 2013

Social media is coming into it’s own as a practice these days. More people are getting on board, making plans, executing them and (hopefully) measuring their impact on the organization. We have witnessed the rise of a new role, the community manager. Typically this role is being taken under the wing of the marketing department. Community managers today are most likely marketing professionals with a passion for social. But, at the end of the day, they are still marketers.

To a large degree this makes a lot of sense. Social media is media after all, and media lives with marketing. But, I see a rather large issue with this and in many cases why social is not getting the engagement many brands are hoping to garner.


6 Questions for 6 Community Managers

by · July 3, 2013

Behind every great community, you’ll find a community manager. They’re the social catalyst, driving conversations in social networks, blogs, groups, and forums. They’re brand champions, town sheriffs, and caring listeners.

  • They engage, sparking conversation to get things going.
  • They moderate, fighting fires if things go too far.
  • They monitor, with a finger on the pulse and an eye on the streams.
  • They promote. This is patient zero in a viral campaign.

So let’s get to know our community managers. We picked some industry pros and emailed these community managers a few questions. Here’s the lineup:


Salvaging Your Sanity as a Community Manager

by · May 23, 2013

I was once fortunate enough to sit in a training session with Jake McKee, “The Community Guy.” We were talking about building brand communities, and he said something that stuck with me. I believe he was quoting Guy Kawasaki.

“If you last three years as a community manager, you’re good. If you last four years, you’re really good. And if you last five years, you’re crazy.”

I must be crazy, because I counted it up. I’ve been doing community or social media management of some sort, (albeit for a lot of different companies) for over five years.


Community Managers Firmly Take Their Seat on the Front-Line

by · January 28, 2013

As digital marketing evolves we are seeing more formal social media roles emerge within companies. This could mean that as companies are taking social media more seriously they are hiring individuals with sole responsibility for social media functions, rather than simply adding it to the plate of already overwhelmed employees. We’ve seen titles such as Social Media Strategist, Social Media Director, Social Media Manager, Community Director and Community Manager become more common place. However, the lines between these roles are still blurred as companies try to figure out the skill sets they need while balancing that with the budget they have available. Many times that makes hiring difficult as job descriptions commonly seek an all-in-one solution for social media. The challenge with that approach is that the all-in-one solution is trying to hire the skills that are difficult to find in a single person. Therefore, in appreciation of Community Manager Day, we seek to bring clarity to the role of the Community Manager for organizations.


Social Media Lessons From Mad Men

by · April 3, 2012

In the sixties, when Mad Men ruled, creative content took a long time to produce.  Agencies concepted, polished and pitched. Clients reviewed.  Agencies filmed, edited and delivered.  It took months for print and television ads to see the light of day.

In the age of real time marketing, whether you engage an agency or not, day-to-day you are the agency.  The people you talk to online are the clients.

Every post is a pitch. Every post is a chance to win the hearts of your clients.


Nominate Your Favorite For Vitrue’s Community Manager Of The Year Award

by · January 23, 2012

In celebration of Community Manager Appreciation Day, which is today, by the way, social media management solution Vitrue has established the first-ever Community Manager of The Year Award. And you can nominate yourself or your favorite community manager to be considered for the title, to be announced on Jan. 23 of next year. I’m honored to serve as one of the judges for the award, along with Community Manager Appreciation Day founder Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group, Stephanie Agresta from Weber Shandwick, Vitrue’s CEO Reggie Bradford and a representative from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association‘s (WOMMA) board of directors.

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Content Curation – It’s What’s for Breakfast These Days

by · February 17, 2011

It’s a rare morning that I don’t start out by looking at the news. No, I no longer get the newspaper delivered (it’s been years, actually), and I don’t usually flip to the front page of either.  These days I’m most likely to grab my iPhone (often while still in bed, if truth be told) and log on to smartr. This cool app brings me my Twitter stream, but curated to only include links and to strip out Foursquare checkins and other non-news stuff. Smartr then presents those links to me as a news feed. They say they’re bringing you “only the stuff you care about” – and for me, that’s exactly what it does.  [No disclosure necessary – I just love the app.]


Community Managers: Whose Best Interests Do You Serve?

by · October 26, 2010

The “Wild West” of social media is upon us. Brands are staking their ground in the proverbial gold rush – it’s an all out land grab. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, there are new industry positions being created left and right to quantify specific disciplines. (Typically, these job titles usually end with the word “strategist.”)

In this digital age where the public/private line is intertwined and customers are so connected, brands are feeling the pressure to add a community manager position to navigate them through this tumultuous time. (A byproduct of the “everyone else is doing it” syndrome.)


Is Social Media a Requirement for Community Managers?

by · October 13, 2010

I recently jumped in on a Twitter discussion between a few folks who were at odds about defining social media’s role in building and managing communities. Some felt that requiring social media as part of the job description for community managers was not right and might lead those interested in the role to overlook other skills important for the job. Others stated that they could not think of one community management role that could not benefit from the use of social media therefore it was a must have skill for those in the position. I tend to lean more towards the latter opinion. I posted a few messages from the Twitter exchange below.